Friday, October 17, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #19

I searched high and low for a birthday photo of myself that I could label as a "Favorite" but I just wasn't feeling it. And since everyone should feel like a rock star on their birthday (and since I recently found the photo album I couldn't find when I posted this) I scanned in this one!

When I visited Jason in South Korea we traveled down to Jejudo, a tropical island much like Hawaii off the southern tip of Korea. We were there for a week and we saw two other white people the entire time. We got a little taste of what it must be like to be famous, because tons of people wanted their photo taken with us! This crowd of young girls was particularly excited so after they took their photos with Jason and I, I handed my camera to Jason and asked him to take one of me with them. They were so excited that I wanted a photo with them and it was so freakin' cute! Totally made me feel like a rock star. :)

Today I'm heading off to a craft show; I will be doing more idea-gathering and pricing research than shopping, I think at least according to my wallet. I'm also stopping by the office of a very nice lady who has been holding some old books for me for the past, like, two months. Tomorrow I'm dragging Jason to see my boyfriend Marky Mark in Max Payne. And Sunday we're having dinner at my aunt Susan's house. Yay! And I will try to not open two presents I've received until my birthday on Monday--man it's hard!

I might be back tomorrow with Dani photos, we'll see how it goes. :) Have a great weekend! :)


Ava's Mom said...

Happy Almost-birthday! We're birthday buddies because mine is next Saturday. No wonder we get along. :) Have a great weekend.

Katie said...

You guys all look so happy! It's a great photo!

Paulette said...

Ok, I think TODAY Iis the big day!
Happy Birthday Cameron!!!! be sure to eat GOOD CAKE!!!! Happy Happy DAY!

Katie said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oh, wishing you lots and lots and lots of birthday love for you! xo xo xo Have the best day today!!!!

Wendy Huckins said...

Happy Birthday Cameron! Katie left a little note on her blog about your "big" day. Hope it's a great one!
Wendy ( friend of Katie)

Oliver said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!

I think you look like my mama in the picture on her site. I like that you look like her. I like that you play tree tag with me. I hope we can play again soon! Love, Oliver