Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alive and Kickin'

Yay! I had my birthday! And despite my unusual five-day absence from the blog I am still alive and kickin'. Kickin' so much, actually, that I'm only jumping on here for a minute to say hi and share a very funny photo!

After I posted my Korean Rock Star photo, (cousin-via-marriage) Ingrid sent me this photo of her daughter Francis. Ingrid's sister was living in Japan for a while so Ingrid and Brad packed up little Francis and headed across an ocean (brave, yes?). It turns out that Francis closely resembled a Japanese anime character and therefore was a huge hit in Japan. I remember all the stories Ingrid and Brad told after they got back; they were moved to the front of lines, given some special treatment, and mobbed just about everywhere they went with people asking to take pictures with their baby! Don't you just love how Francis is hanging out in the middle of a ton of Japanese teenage boys with that look on her face like, "Ummm, Mom? Dad? You guys have my back, right?" So Francis totally trumps me in the Rock Star department, which is just as it should be. :)

Tons to write about my birthday weekend (hopefully later this week), but for now I'm off to whip up a couple masterpieces. :) So I'll just say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the birthday wishes here and via e-mail and phone and Facebook and MySpace! And an extra-special thank you to Katie who did a whole blog post and sent me 504 several happy e-mails throughout the day! :) Way to make me feel loved, people; way to make me feel loved. I am so blessed; thank you.


Paulette said...

Ok this photo is hilarious! Hope your birthday was filled with sunshine just like you!

Katie said...

Hello sweet sweet girl -- you are going to be the only person I'm in contact with when I'm gone. Wendy brought her computer and I just had to check in and get my daily dose of inspiration from dear dear K Cam. Wendy did a guest post on my blog in the comments section -- too funny. We wish you were with us too!!! I've got my Cameron kit and I cannot wait to use it. For those poor souls who have not ordered that kit yet, they are MISSING OUT! And I think you should charge more -- there is so much in there. WEll worth my money. Okay, chatty post. Love you more than a anime baby... xo

Tauni said...

I want to know which anime character Francis looks like!