Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #18

Iiiiiiiiiiit's Friday! [Actually, it's Tuesday. I'm writing this now and scheduling it for Friday because on Friday I'll be in Philly with Daniele and Mary!!]

In thinking about which photo to choose this week I just kept thinking about Happiness. I am so excited to see Dani again, and life in general has been just super; lots of happiness abounding. This past weekend I went to Alexandria for Art on the Avenue and had a great time. I picked up some yummy beads from LORiOLA and found my new favorite shirts, too. I wore one today (along with my black jeans and Secret Weapon red shoes--awwww yeah, Baby!) when I got my hair cut, as well as some jewelry I made. I was feeling pretty dang cute when I got back home! But I am not good at mirror self-portraits.

This one, though, I like! I had to flip it 'cause the message was backwards since I took it in the mirror. :) But I like how my necklace is cockeyed, and I like how my new haircut is peeking down a little on the left. I like that I am holding the camera sort of oddly because I was trying to keep the strap and lens cap mostly out of the way.

Mostly, I LOVE THIS SHIRT. It was meant for me. I used to hate my smile. I have a big scar on my heart from some very mean things that some very mean people said about me and my big ol' smile many years ago--the kind of thing that I can't bear to repeat out loud even to myself (so don't even ask). Booo! After my heart-scar had started to heal I consoled myself with the idea that people could say what they wanted but one thing was for sure; when I smile, and I smile often, I mean it! [I also consoled myself with the idea knowledge that it is much, much better to have an over-sized smile than an under-sized heart like those mean, mean people.] Since then many people very dear to my heart have told me that they love my smile (which of course has just made them dearer to my heart!) and it has almost made me completely forget those very mean things. :) So I love this shirt. Smile like you mean it, Dudes. Smile and laugh and love and dance and sing and play and create and kiss and hug and live like you mean it.

[Find the shirt and more here. I want them all.]


Ingrid said...

I like your smile too. I have a sort of small smile because my mouth is sort of small--- this means that my teeth are really crammed in there and as a result I have this weirdo tooth that sticks out over the top of the other teeth. Being a teacher of somewhat uncouth young people, you can believe that my students have OFTEN pointed this out. "Woa! You have a freaky tooth like a wolf or something! I don't think I can look at you!". I need to think through a good metaphor for my wolf tooth--- "I may have a wolf tooth, but I don't have a wolf heart" doesn't quite sound as good! Maybe I should say, "And I'm gonna' bite you with it unless you get some manners!"

Tauni said...

I love your smile, too sis.

Josh Main's mom said...

Hmmm I think you have a beautiful smile, you know people only picked on you about your smile because they couldn't find anything else must be darn near perfect like me :D
I don't like my smile I always do the closed mouth smile for photos I better start embracing the smile.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving :D

Sooz said...

LOVE this photo! Keep smiling...makes 'em wonder what you are up to! (and these tees are FAB! oooohhhh I want the CARDS, TOO!) ENABLER!!

Kelli said...

I think you have a beautiful smile. People can say some terrible things, but I am starting to think that that's their problem not mine. It's hard though.

Katie said...

Okay, I SWEAR I already commented on this. Did you delete my comment? I only came back to the comments section to see what everyone else said about your fabulous smile.

Your smile is FABULOUS! It's so big it's infectious! What could be better than a smile that can't help but make other people smile. I cannot imagine what makes people say the things they do, but I think it's mostly jealousy. "If I can't have it then I'll take it away from that person." nice. Ignore them, and turn your smile towards the sky. Show the sun it's not the brightest thing out there. Love you and your smile. xo

Paulette said...

It was your infectious smile I noticed at Inspired!!!That made me want to check out your blog!!! Go Cameron!!!

Becca Juhasz said...

Hey Cam! I LOVE your smile! And the picture, and shirt... Not to mention your fun outgoing personality! Thanks for giving me your blog info! It's fun to see what you've been up to! OH and I love the picture of you and your girlfriends (you in the middle in the black dress) You look so tall and beautiful!