Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hitchcock Blonde Kit

This will be long on photos and short on chatter for once. :)

I've been playing with my Hitchcock Blonde kit by Technicolor Postcards. And let me tell you, it is awesome. Cynthia designed her own papers which are so beautiful I have had a hard time cutting into them. She also included a ton of really cool coordinating supplies, too, including a bunch of amazing vintage stuff. Here are a few things I've made so far; everything I used was included in my kit with one (noted) exception (click on any picture to open it bigger and/or read the journaling):

"It" Girls. The red is a piece of gorgeous burlap--normally I would say "gorgeous burlap" is an oxymoron but in this red? Hello. The strip that looks like film is cut from her gorgeous "Film" paper. Love it.

"Secret Weapon." I told you you'd see this photo again. :) I love these shoes! [The big {} shapes are not from the kit.]

But this little card was! It had buttons sewn onto it so I took them off and used the card, too. :) These shoes are definitely not washable but they are guaranteed fabulous. :)

I altered photos of the shoes and printed them out in a big strip. I mounted that on a piece of amazing vintage ribbon and then added the buttons on either end. The red knots on each button are from a thread I pulled off of the red burlap.

I had all these lovely flowers and buttons and vintage jewelry pieces on my work table and I kept pushing them around and lining them up and grouping them as I was working on the layouts, but I just wasn't feeling flowers on either layout. And by the time I finished the layouts I was sort of attached to these beauties as a group, a unit, so I decided to leave them that way!

I had this little shadowbox just waiting to be used, and it seemed perfectly suited to this project. I mounted the "Vertigo" paper on the inside and then mounted all the flowers and buttons and jewelry and little pearls on top.

Here it is opened, since it was hard to photograph with the glare from the front.

And a closeup, of course!

I also have enough stuff--including the coolest black chipboard 5x12" album!--to make a ton more projects. So don't be surprised to see more later on in the month! :)

Now, the best news is that Cynthia is doing a super-duper special on her blog! Head over here and leave a comment and you could win all of the amazing papers that she's created, as well as the Hambly overlays and some Thickers chipboard letters!! She's also doing a special on the kit, if you leave a comment you can get $5 off the kit for a special price of $29.99! So go here and leave a comment and then go here and buy the kit!

Thanks for looking! :)


cynthia said...

Thank You Cameron for your beautiful creations:) I can't imagine this debut about them:)

Chiara said...

oh this is gorgeous and I will be snagging one of these when I get home from bootcamp.

Katie said...

Oh how I love your creations. How about I buy a kit, send you some photos...and VOILA! They come back to me all done. heh. Oh, I love scrapbooking, but I love your stuff so much more lately! Maybe if I could create WITH you some of that wonderfulness would rub off on me. xo xo

amy said...

cameron those layouts are gorgeous!!!