Friday, October 9, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday--Mah Mamma

(Post title should be read with an exaggerated Southern accent.) Tuesday was my mamma's birthday so I thought I'd find a photo of her for this week!

While we were in Italy my parents came to visit us twice. This photo was taken during the second trip in May of 2006. I've mentioned before that Jason loved to take people driving around up in the mountains behind our house, and this photo was taken on the same trip as this photo, and actually as this photo, too! So this was obviously one of his better mountain trips! :) We had a lot of fun, but most importantly, Mom has her eyes open. This may not sound like a big deal unless you know that our last family photo session ended when we all finally just told mom, "Just look at the baby!" (my niece, her granddaughter) because every other shot had her eyes closed, no matter which tricks we tried. :) So I'm happy to have this one of the four of us. Happy birthday, Mom!

I was going to post photos of the gift I made her, but then I decided that I like it so much I'm going to make some more for other people. :) So I still want it to be a surprise. :)


Other stuff of note, in random order:

I woke up this morning to an e-mail notifying me that one of my items made it to the front page of Etsy! Okay, so it happened to be from 1-2 a.m. Eastern time, but that's only 10-11 p.m. Pacific! :) The Treasury I was in was actually chosen by Etsy, so that's cool! I also got a bunch of views of my stuff, and nine different people tagged my item with a "heart." If it seems like I'm speaking a semi-foreign language, don't worry, it seems that way to me, too. :) [See my previous blog post for a photo of all the items in the treasury, you can click on each thumbnail to be taken to that item.]

This week started off pretty slowly for sales but it sure picked up at the end! Hooray! I also posted some new things, check it out!

Jason and I painted the garage doors tonight. Not a lot of fun but we didn't actually yell or swear out loud so I guess that's a success. :) And the doors look great, hooray!

Tomorrow we're going to see Mike Birbiglia, our favorite living comedian (our favorite dead comedian is Mitch Hedberg). I'm super excited to see Birbigs!

I have a ton of new jewelry ideas brewing. We have big goals for work around the house this weekend but I'm sure that Jason will want to squeeze in a football game at some point so I should have a break. :)

My October challenge to move at least 30 minutes per day has been working; I've done it every single day, although it's taken a different turn than I thought. I wanted to start jogging, but all of the traveling and sleeping in different beds when we went to Colorado did a number on my back; so until my Chiropractor gives me the okay, no jogging for me. So I've been riding the exercise bike at the gym because I can read while I'm on it (and I have book club next Wednesday). :) The big surprise (to me) is that I've started walking again, and most evenings Jason's been joining me. It's great for communication and our relationship, since while we're walking we have nothing else to do except catch up on each other! I love this time together, but walking isn't as vigorous as I had in mind in my quest to get healthy and fit back into my damn clothes, so I need to add in some other activity as well.

Have a great weekend! :)


Wisconsin Girl said...

Too funny, my mom ALWAYS has her eyes closed too. And if she takes the picture, there's either a finger in it or heads are cut off:)

Got your picture today. So much fun to recieve things like that in the mail. I love it! Thanks for the fun contest!

Introvert said...

Happy birthday to your mom, and congrats on how well your sales are going!

I like the idea about getting moving 30 minutes per day. That sounds very manageable!

Katie said...

I just could not stop laughing at your comments about your mom's closed eyes. I have one of those mothers too! In any case it's a great picture and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to your mama. Hope she has a great day!

Congrats on your front page etsy listing! HOW VERY EXCITING!!! I hope it brings in LOTS of new business for you!

jenwcom said...

My mom RUNS from the camera. Ugh. But honestly, I do too.

I love this picture!! So cool to see the four of you in a photo! Really pretty.

love you.

amy iaquinta said...

congrats to you!!