Friday, September 25, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday--Mountain Momma

owing I was coming to Denver, earlier this week I sat down ahead of time to pick out a Favorite {Photo} for today. Since I had Denver on my mind I thought of mountains, then I thought of John Denver and this song's lyrics that say "mountain momma," then I wondered where my John Denver CDs are because I used to love him so and I haven't listened to them in so long, and then I started stressing about the fact that my house is so disorganized that I don't know where to find a CD, and then I stopped myself because I didn't have time to worry about the house, I had to prep to leave for Denver. So here's a favorite mountain photo, LOL!

I took this somewhere in Northern Italy during a driving tour we took my parents on when they came to visit. Driving people around up in the mountains behind our house was Jason's #1 favorite touristy trip. His cousin Aaron once spent his birthday with us, lost up in the mountains, caught in a series of road closures and blockades that became so ridiculous as to be comical and made us feel we were in an episode of The Twilight Zone and would never, ever get home, we'd just be stuck in the mountains forever, trying to find a road that was open that would lead us towards home. Normally, though, Jason's mountain trips were fun. :)

We're in Denver because Jason got sent here for a class for work, and since 1) we have so many friends here and 2) we haven't been on a vacation together in a looooong time and thought it would be fun, I flew out to join him and we're staying a few extra days. I'd never been to Denver before. Actually I'm in Golden right now and I must say that for some reason I expected Colorado's architecture to look a lot more Austrian Alpine and a lot less American Southwest. So that's kind of a surprise, but then again I just got in last night and haven't seen much yet.

The very first thing we did after Jason picked me up from the airport was head into Denver to see Keith and Katie. I wrote about them before; we traveled a lot with them when we were all in Italy and we always had fun! First stop, pizza!

This place was sort of Northern Italian-inspired and this pizza was soooo yummy. If they added a little less yeast to the pizza dough it would almost have been as good as in Italy. :)

Then we walked back to their downtown apartment to hang out and chat. I love friends you can just fall back in with, no effort or struggle, it's just like we just left off! We even remembered to get a photo before we left:

Now I'm headed out to have lunch with Kristin, who I worked with in Italy, and her new little girl Harper! How crazy is it that I'm here in Colorado, catching up with people I haven't seen since we were in Italy together?

I'll be back this afternoon to upload photos and listings to Etsy... I've slid on my commitment to list one item per day due to this sudden trip, but I made a bunch of jewelry and took a ton of photos before I left, so I'm going to catch up! :) For now I'll include one last shot of the bracelet I just made and am wearing to lunch.

I *lurve* it!

UPDATE: I'm all caught up on my one-per-day Etsy listings! Click on the link above each photo to be taken to the listing on Etsy!


Anna-Marie Still said...

glad you are having fun! LOVE the bracelet!

Wisconsin Girl said...

LOVE the mountain photo...can never get enough of the northern Italian mountain scenery...LOVE IT!!! Beautiful, fun bracelet too! Have a great time in Denver!

jenwcom said...

first of all, your first paragraph is classic. love to see my thought process written out.

i LOVE that picture. seriously? what a gorgeous gorgeous place.

have fun in Denver. i've been through there on our way out to Breckenridge many a time.

i want that shirt you have on.

the bracelet is super cool and i love the clasp. nice touch lady.

AND... i am also loving your backgrounds/props for your etsy work. so artsy smartsy.

LOVE you.

cynthia said...

I just listened to your message:) Oh I am sorry I missed ya:) I will call you this week:) So, great hearing from ya:) So, glad you are having fun with your friends in colorado!! Ah that pizza looks so darn good.

And that pic is beyond beautiful. Places like that exist?!?! And to have seen it!!!!!!!! Amazing. Amazing!!

And your etsy shots look like they should be in mag. dear talented friend!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to here about your trip:)

Ava's Mom said...

I LOVE all your new stuff, gotta do some shopping soon! :-) Glad you got a mini vacation in Denver. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments. I'm just NOW catching up on all my blog reading. It's like a mountain's worth in my google reader. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love all your new etsy pieces, and that bracelet is GORGEOUS! I hope you're having lots of fun and success with it all. I'm so sad that this year I won't be able to make it to Inspired...the timing with Baby2 and all will be too much I think. But I can't wait to hear all about it from you and all the other ladies! We should try to find time for a workshop or class soon! Miss you! xo!