Friday, October 2, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday--My Seeeester

Today is my seeester's birthday! Happy Birthday, Tauni! She was born in 1979 so that means she is now the big 3-0! Wowsers!

Weren't we cute? Okay, actually, I look sort of crazy, and that haircut didn't do a lot for me. But Tauni is really cute, huh? Ahhh, the early '80's! Don't you love my dress?

There's another picture that exists in my mind and also exists somewhere in my mom's or sister's house--I know it's not in mine because I just searched for it for like an hour--of both of us standing in our long nightgowns over my grandma's big air vent, and we are puffed out like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, with funny looks on our faces, our cheeks puffed out to enhance the effect. There's another picture I was thinking of but couldn't find where she is hanging upside down on a horizontal bar; I remember taking the photo and thinking how funny it would look to turn it upside down, so she is right-side up with her hair sticking "up." It is/was funny. The fact that I can't find those makes me want to 1) completely organize my house 2) completely organize my photos 3) get a negative scanner 4) scan every photo and negative belonging to my family that I can get my hands on.

Anyway, Happy, Happy Birthday to my seeester! :) I know you're having a good day. :) Eat some strawberries in the carriageway for me. ;)

Happy, Happy Birthday also to Aimee! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you, not that I could keep up. ;)


In other news, where the hell is 2009 going? It's OCTOBER already? Lately I'm really remembering all those times when I was a little kid and adults would say "Where is the time going?" and "Time is really flying!" and I'd think, "What is wrong with you? It's going to be foooooorrrreeeeverrrr until Christmas!" And now, today, I discover that it's 12 weeks until Christmas and I think, "Oh, crap, already?" {Deep sigh.}

I finally uploaded my photos from our trip to the computer tonight but I haven't even looked at them. I want to upload a few and write about our trip, but then again I still want to upload photos and write about my trip to Orlando and that was back in August! {Another deep sigh!}

I'm going to (note that I said going to and not want to) upload at least four more items to my Etsy store to complete my September challenge; hopefully Sunday. I'm proud of myself for (mostly) keeping up with this challenge, despite the unplanned trip. It was a lot of work. My October challenge is to work out for 30 minutes per day (yesterday was walking with Jason, today was the exercise bike at the gym) as well as working on the house towards certain goals. That will be a lot of work, too, but the fact that nearly every negative thought in my head lately has to do with how I feel about my house or my body, it's badly needed. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I'm headed out to Crafty Bastards and Art on the Avenue with my friends Andrea and Elizabeth--I'm super excited! Have a great weekend! :)


Wisconsin Girl said...

Love this pic of you guys...makes me smile it's so cute. Happy Birthday Tauni!
On another note, I'd love my house cleaned from top to bottom...baseboards, fans, windows, etc. Ugh! Just not up to it and probably won't be for awhile, so it may be time to break down and hire someone to help with things I won't be able to do much longer. That's a hard thing for me to do! Good luck with your October goals!

jenwcom said...

OMG!!! That has to be THE. CUTEST. PICTURE i have EVER seen. Seriously.

jenwcom said...

I cannot get over this picture. I must see more little Cameron pictures.

cynthia said...

Cameron!!!!!!!!!!! You and your sis is too cute!!!!!!!! Look at that sweet smile of yours!! And what a little blondie with that dorothy Hamill cut:) Love it and big happy b-day wish to your sister!!!!!!
Ugh I know 12 weeks away!!!!!!!!! X-mas. So many things planned and to do:) Time does go by so quick when we're older:)
I am so with you on getting my pictures all together. They are a nightmare. And a negative scanner? never heard of that. cool cool. I can't wait to see the pics of your trip:) Ok this week I am gonna call ya:)

Anonymous said...

Cute picture, Cameron! My baby sis also turns 30 this month!! And it looks like your Mom gave you the "Dorothy Hamill" cut - my sister had it too (Dorothy Hamill was an ice skater years ago - Mom thought it was adorable!)Miss you :)

Lori Hudson said...

I can't believe how cute you are! But you do have kind of a Jack Nichelson crazed look in your eye!

If I was going to Crafty Bastards with you, I would stop at every jewelry booth and say out loud "This stuff is not nearly as good your stuff, Cameron!"

Katie said...

I had that same bowl haircut. Not that I pulled it off, but I think you look adorable. Good pic to post. I see that you've maintained your super infectious smile -- i love that you can smile and the whole room has to as well. What a gift to have! xo

Ava's Mom said...

Oh so cute! Aren't sisters the best? I love our old photos too. You two are adorable. I love all your new stuff in your shop too... what to buy? I'm saving up my spending cash. :-)