Thursday, May 14, 2009


Whatever part of my brain decided that it was reasonable for me to do the Avon Walk and Inspired back-to-back should be fired.

Both were amazing experiences, and each of them alone was enough to wear me out for two weeks at least.

I've been recovering all week, and my level of exhaustion is reminding me of the summer in college when I had mono; I'd wake up, lay around, eat something, and then have to take a nap. Then I'd take a shower and be so exhausted from the effort that I'd have to take another nap. Of course it hasn't been quite that bad, but I am tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. I know that most of you Inspired ladies are so much better than me; you came back home and jumped back into life and are busy with 8 zillion things. La-tee-dah, of course you are! You are superwomen! But me? I am an introvert! I need me some serious downtime after two major events like this. And I am taking it.

Jason is gone this weekend at a motorcycle rally. When he told me that he was leaving straight from work on Thursday I nearly cried for joy--four whole days of the house to myself? The timing could not be better, I tell you!

I started out this morning by spreading out all the lovely things I bought at Inspired all over the entire living room floor and sat amongst them, admiring it all. I should have taken a picture. In fact, Stella even told me to take a picture, and I still forgot.

Anyway, my point is, I've been catching up on sleep and enjoying my downtime. But I thought I'd pop on here and post a couple of my favorite photos from the last couple of weekends.

Starting out the Avon Walk with Laura.

Forty miles later, finishing the Avon Walk with Laura and new friends Cindy and Sherri.

I'm so glad that everyone at Inspired had cameras and actually used them and are sharing photos, because I only took 79 photos all weekend and 10 of them are of a paint palette! Anyway, here I am at Inspired with some of my best friends: (from left back-ish) Deitra, Chiara, Jen, me, Katie, Lori, and then Aimee and Heather in the front. I love these ladies! Thanks for the photo, Zanne!

Jen and I in the Embassy Suites bathroom. :) Love this shot.

Love and miss you girls TONS! I'm saving my favorite photo for tomorrow since it will be Favorite {Photo} Friday. See you then!


cynthia said...

Oh girl. I hope you are getting some relaxing down. What a couple of weeks for you. I am again so proud of you for the avon walk. I missed your posts during this busy time for you:)

Katie said...

Glad you posted these pictures. Nice to remember....seems like months ago. How quickly time flies!