Friday, May 8, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #47--Inspired Artist Workshop

Last year about this time I was attending Donna Downey's Inspired. Artist Workshop.

And, in short, it changed the way I create. It changed the way I think about my art. It changed the way I think about me. It provided me a community of amazing women artists that has helped me and meant more to me than I could possibly write in a blog post (at least more than I could write in this blog post!).

And now I'm going back! By the time this posts on Friday I'll be ensconced in all that yummy arty goodness and surrounded by so many of my friends at the workshop in North Carolina.

Here are some friends from last year: Jen, Aimee, me, Shani, and Sooz. Shani can't make it this year but the rest of us here will be there, and I am so stinkin' excited to see everyone again! Coincidentally this photo is also from my very first post on this blog; I started it right after coming back home from Inspired last year!

Katie arrived Tuesday night and we headed down to North Carolina on Thursday morning to meet up with everyone else. It was a whirlwind in between finishing the Avon Walk and packing and preparing for Inspired. Who in the heck planned my two biggest weekends of 2009 right next to each other? :)

When I get back next week I'll post photos of and stories from my Avon Walk, along with photos of and stories from Inspired as soon as I crawl out of my introvert cave where I plan to spend a couple of days, that is! Have a great weekend... I know I will! :)


Jason Y said...

Hope you're having a good time Love!

Wendy H said...

Tell Katie I said hello :) Have a rockin' time!

Wendy H said...

Oh, btw, also tell here Oliver is here and having a blast...all kinds of Star Wars playing is going on :)

cynthia said...

I hope you are having a fabulous time:)

Chiara said...

so glad to see you girl. You are one of my favorite people.

I am off to sleep. wish I could stay home tomorrow but work beckons.

Katie said...

It was good to see you and the gang! Nice to visit your blog today and see friendly faces at lunch time. Work burst my bubble pretty good this morning. Hope you're having a great day and have managed to keep right on creating!