Friday, March 20, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #40--Kel + Cam in Venice

In spring of 2005, our first spring in Italy, Kellie and Alex came to visit. We spent a few days in Venice before heading off to Cinque Terre, Pisa, and Florence. We had so much fun! Even though Kel and I talk often--she's one of my very best friends--until this week we hadn't seen each other since then! Four long years that flew by so quickly since we talk often enough to stay up on each others' lives.

I love this photo from that visit four years ago. Not necessarily a great photo, but since Kel and I are both usually the photo-takers of whichever group we're in that means that we each rarely get photos with ourselves in them... and the only way we get photos with the TWO of us is by holding the camera out in front of ourselves, using a timer, or getting creative with reflective surfaces. I wish that none of our faces had lines through them, but still... getting all four of us in a photo is pretty cool. :)


This has been a busy week! Yesterday we had a ring soldering class--I made three matching rings! Today I walked 15 miles up and down the hills of Seattle for Avon Walk training and I am tired. I also discovered that the TSA "inspected" my suitcase on the way here and now my pedometer watch, mp3 player, and a set of metal number stamps are "missing." Fifteen miles is a long way to walk with no tunes to keep you movin' or a cool watch to tell you how far you've gone, how long you've been walking, and how many calories you've burned. I AM BUMMED about my stuff being stolen. But on the brighter side I made a Twitter/Facebook plea for pledges while I was walking and I got FOUR pledges!! Hooray!

Tomorrow we have another more advanced soldering class where we'll learn to bezel-set a stone onto a ring. Then we're going out to dinner and to Hello, Dolly! with some friends from college. On Sunday I get to see my nieces! My sister's family is visiting her in-laws this weekend, about an hour away; so they're driving over for brunch. I'm super excited since we didn't get to see each other at Christmas.

That's about all the brain power and energy I have left, so have a good weekend! :)


Katie said...

Wow, sounds like you are having a GREAT time! Looking forward to seeing all the things you have been creating. Hoping you got the pictures I sent. Hoping more that you got them and in time. xo

ang said...

Yay, Seattle! Boo, TSA! Sorry to hear "someone" took your things, that's horrible.

Anyway, with all your spare time, don't forget to update your link to donate at your Avon Walk Page under "visit me" - it still links to the 2008 walk. :)

Soak up some Northwest for me!

Cynthia said...

Heck I posted and it didn't show up oops. So, here it goes again. I love that photo from Venice. Oh to see venice. girl all the places you have seen!!!

And so e-mail me some info on hoe to sponsor you on the avon walk!!! I get paid the following Friday. And love to do that. I was so inspired by you last year. so proud of you sweet Cameron.

Pamela Jane said...

Cameron, when you return from Seattle, will we have a chance to meet up before Inspired at Scrapbooks Plus (Chantilly, VA) for Debby Schuh's classes (April 18-19)? I remember meeting you last year at Carol Wingert's classes there.