Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #32--I Che' C'e C'e

Wahoo, it's Friday! Whew, what a week! WHAT A WEEK. Amazing. Crazy. Stressful. Happy. Hopeful. WOW.

This week I got a lovely e-mail from Southwest Airlines. Usually I delete their messages right away because they always say "$49-$89 Nationwide!" and then I look at where I could actually fly from here and either I can't find any fares that low, or they offer me flights to like Newark or something. No thanks, I'd rather drive somewhere (although not to Newark). Actually, I'd rather stay in my house (in my uber-fabulous new flannel sock monkey pajamas that Lori sent me out of the blue!) than fly to Newark. If you are from Newark, I'm sorry, but these are really great pajamas. Actually, if you're from Newark, I'm just sorry. :P HA! Just kidding. Kind of. ;)

Anyway, I got a message from Southwest. And this time it said, "50% off fares to/from Seattle" and I said, "Hot damn!" Okay, I didn't actually say that. Because I didn't really believe that a message from Southwest would be true. But then I scooted over to and it was actually true. So quick like a bunny I e-mailed Kel and said, "When can I come visit and tell me quickly because this is only a three day sale!" So even though she is craaaazy busy for her job and she's sick, she got back to me and we figured out dates and I booked the tickets!

The super cool part is that I've been wanting to take some metallurgy classes and she was already signed up for two silver soldering classes, so I called the store and signed up, too! So not only do I get to see her but we get to take classes and be crafty together. I'm super stoked! Kellie is a college friend and sorority sister and I wrote all about how much I love her here. I don't see how this is possible, but it appears that we haven't seen each other in person for almost FOUR YEARS. HOLY CRAP!! So it will be absolutely awesome to see her (and her husband Alex, too) in March!

Here's the last time we were together, back in March of 2005. We were in Florence and had just eaten at that great restaurant behind us. Yummmm. Kel really did her research before coming to Italy and found us some great restaurants (we were still pretty new to Italy and hadn't been to Florence before this trip). The name--I' Che' C'è C'è--is dialect for "What there is, there is." Take is as "What you see is what you get," or "Whatever will be, will be." (Pronounce it Ee kay chay chay.)

I don't think that it's really such a great photo; Jason and I had severe red-eye so even though I did the ol' red eye removal trick, we end up looking slightly zombie-ish. And although I had that hair for many, many years, now that I have short red hair whenever I look at a "before" photo I feel like I'm looking at someone else besides me. I feel more like myself as a redhead, I guess. But this photo still cracks me up, and I love it because it's a great representation of that entire trip. We acted goofy and had a fabulous time every single day. It was awesome.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Great Start Party for the Avon Walk. I'm meeting up with my team members whom I haven't seen since last year's Avon Walk! It should be fun. :) Then on Sunday I have a little show with my friend Teri; we're selling off our old Close To My Heart merchandise and I'll have a bunch of my new jewelry designs there, too.

Have a great weekend! :)


Jess said...

Lucky that you got such a great deal on a flight. I've been searching the past couple days, due to my desire to go somewhere, but haven't come across anything great yet. I can't believe the Avon Walk training is coming around again...where does the time go? Have a great weekend!

kellie said...

Yippee!!! I can't believe it's been 4 years either. I'm so excited to have you out here!

jen said...

cameron, i love your photo fridays!

next time you get a good deal like that... email me. i'll fly somewhere and meet you!

wouldn't it be awesome to have our own WASSIMA girls trip??? we could meet somewhere in the middle of the states or just head all the way out to jilliene on the west coast.

summerdavid said...

Oh, do let me know when you will be in Seattle - I'd love to meet up with you since I haven't seen you since... I don't know when, actually. Eep. :\

Ava's Mom said...

Great deal on the flights! I love this picture of you guys, really looks like everyone is having THE BEST time. Gotta tell you, I love my necklace. Wearing it everyday!

Katie said...

I hope everything went really well this weekend -- can't wait to hear all about it! Hope all your flights are nailed down and the best deal going. xo xo