Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Make Stuff

I've been creating beauty lately but have been too busy or not in the mood to post anything. Now that I'm creating and relaxing the day away at Kellie (and Alex)'s house I thought I'd share.

First, here are some heart charms I made for some swaps with Inspired ladies. When you put these three colors together all I can think is, "Blech, hello '80's!" but luckily each color is for a different swap so they won't be all together. :) They're made of polymer clay, then I rubber-stamped the surface for texture and design and added holes for jump rings.

My friend Shannon is a Chemo Pal for an adorable girl named Natasha. I read her Caring Journal blog whenever she or her family writes updates and she's been having a hard time lately. I wanted to send her a little gift; hearing all of the things that poor Natasha has had to endure for so long now makes me think of the courage that she and her family and friends are forced to have. I hope she likes it!

One of my favorite things is when someone e-mails me and says, "Hey, can you make this?" Stella did that last week, sending me a link for gold earrings at Anthropologie a popular nationwide chain and asking if I could make them in silver. So I did! She loved them based on the photos I sent her and hopefully she loves them just as much when she gets them in the mail. :)

On Sunday I felt like eating a good, yummy breakfast, so I looked up recipes for pancakes. Then I figured if I was going to make pancakes from scratch I might as well break out the waffle iron and make waffles instead. Now, I will admit: I had never made waffles before (I've never made pancakes, either). EVER. I poured the batter when my mom made them when I was little, but I'd never actually made them myself. Even though we own a waffle iron that has been with us for ten years and through five moves. So I looked up the recipe and helpful tips in my favorite cookbook and got to work.

I even got fancy and made a berry compote, then surrounded it with peanut butter on one side and syrup on the other. My-oh-MY it was good!! YUMMM-O. Good thing it's a lot of work (so I won't make them very often) 'cause that's probably what, like a thousand calories?

Then I broke out the polymer clay again to make more charms for a different Inspired swap. Fifty charms! I can't believe that in a few weeks I'll get back 50 different charms from 50 different ladies! Actually we're giving a few sets as gifts and we're auctioning one set off so I think I'll actually get 42 charms back, but still--that's a lotta charms!

Finally, I liked Stella's earrings a lot but they were a bit long for me. So I made a pair for myself with just the top teardrops and then I added some dangles of peacock pearls and amethysts. I love them!

I've been making more jewelry here at Kel's but that will have to wait for another day because I need to go get ready... we're going out to dinner with some friends and then out for drinks with another friend!


Katie Hugh said...

Love all that you've been up to and psyched that Kellie's house has given you time to blog and update everyone on what you've been up to. Your necklace is wonderful -- I'm sure it's just what she needs. And your earrings are super cute. You are the pearliest girl I know. :)

Ava's Mom said...

Love the dangle teardrops! So perfect for dress up or dress down. Your stuff is awesome. Which reminds me, I need to email you about another necklace....

Aimee said...

wow- you have been super busy- love all the creating that has been going on. glad to hear you are having fun on your trip.