Friday, March 6, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #38--Spring Flowers

Hooray, it's Friday! Happy, happy Friday!

This week has been nuts. And I mean much more nuts than normal (since it's usually kinda nuts around our house anyway). On Monday we had 5" of snow. Today it was 70 degrees. Seven-zero. Seventy. Whaaaaaa? Welcome to Northern Virginia, I guess!

I went to lunch with my favorite aunt, Susan. I heard there was some awesome Italian paper marked 75% off at the Georgetown Paper Source. I love everything Italian and I love paper so we headed up there for some shopping and crepes. Yummmmm. During lunch I mentioned that I hadn't thought about a photo yet and she said, "Something spring-y." Hence, the favorite photo for this Friday:

Jason gave me my first (and so far only) DSLR at the end of March 2006 for our anniversary. The very next weekend we headed up to Germany; Jason had a class (or conference, I don't really remember) there and I tagged along. Obviously I took pictures of everything. But this one is still one of my favorites... to be quite honest I just got lucky. I didn't know anything about aperture (or any of the other settings on my camera) and took this photo on the automatic setting. But I love the colors, I love the DOF (that the pink flowers are in focus while the yellow and purple flowers aren't), and I love the composition. And it's a nice reminder that there's always an element of luck when it comes to photography, no matter how much you know! :)

I've been busy-busy-busy this week and nothing will change this weekend. I'm spending this evening sorting through my craft room, trying to create some semblance of order, while Jason watches some motorcycle race upstairs. I'm more and more in love with A&E because they're showing a marathon of CSI Miami episodes, which are perfect for my organizing marathon; they're entertaining and interesting, but not distracting (since I've already seen every episode at least once!). Tomorrow I start my Avon Walk training (8 miles!) and go to the Walk Expo to hang out with my team and get some good info about the walk weekend. And of course there are a hundred things on my To Do list waiting to be tackled. But for now, it's back to organizing!

Have a super weekend!


Ava's Mom said...

Ahhh,makes me so ready for spring flowers!

Cynthia said...

Ah that photo is beautiful. need to see that as up here we were dumped with more snow:( So, loved the part of the element of luck in photography:)

happy training today:)

jenwcom said...

the colors in this photo are so brilliant!