Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm settling in to chill out and watch CSI Miami while I sort out which beads I want to bring with me to Seattle, but I thought this was hilarious and worthy of sharing. Here's what I'm in for for the next week+ in Seattle:

Only in the Pacific Northwest do we note the difference between "Rain," "Showers," and "Few Showers." And get excited about only 30% chance of rain. :)

I have a bunch of photos loaded into posts that I'll write the text for during my travel and while I'm in Seattle and Kellie's at work, so check back in the next couple of days. :)


jen said...

have a fabulous time!

ingrid said...

Portland forecast for the week was 49 degrees/rain, 49 degrees/rain, 49 degrees/rain......all week. Why did they bother to write that 7 times? And 7 matching clouds right next to each other. Amazing. Enjoy your showers!

Katie said...

Hope on those few showers days and only 30% chance of showers you have some nice weather.

Can't wait to read your posts and hear about what you're doing.