Monday, April 14, 2008

North Carolina

OH MY STINKIN' HECK I had fun at Inspired. I have about a bajillion things to say about it so I won't even start yet. For now, here is what I loved about my weekend that had absolutely nothing to do with the workshop:

--Crashing in on the Mondos at 9:45 p.m. and keeping everyone awake until much too late when they had to get up early. They are just the best friends and DANG, I love those girls. Hi Emma and Abbie, it was so good to see you and I can't WAIT to visit you again this summer!

--Forty-eleven (that's a lot) country music radio stations. I could live there just for the radio.

--Hearing James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind" not once but twice on the few radio stations that aren't country (or hip-hop/rap). As we were driving into and in North Carolina. Sweeeeeet.

--Eating at Quaker Steak, which was yummy and brought back good memories of Ohio. :)

--The awesome Bellman Frank, the best bellman I have ever met (even though I worked at Bellagio in Las Vegas for three years). Frank is amazing. Have fun fishing in Alaska, Frank!

--"Y'all, y'all, y'all." I could die for these accents, lawsie mercy!

--Holy POLITENESS, Batman. Southern Hospitality is not a myth, y'all.

--Cracker Barrel and Waffle House. Need I say more?

--Sweet Tea.

--Checking into the hotel at the precise moment when the only available room that matched our criteria was a top-floor room with--I mean, seriously!--a balcony.

More on Inspired later this week. :)


Deborah P said...

Hi, Cameron! LOVED the slide show! Inspired was wonderful and I wish we were all still there.

Heather said...

Hey Cameron!
I miss yo uguys already, my scraproom (ahem I mean STUDIO) feels so lonely with out the y'alls and long island :)
No tics here though and that's a relief :D

Sooz said...

Hey Cute Little Redheaded Girl!! LOVE your blog and your SLIDESHOW---great photos!! (looked at the ones of your new home, too...LOVE the plaster technique you did in your laundry room!! Very "under a Tuscan Sun" - (the movie--not the book!)--our next home I SO want to do that! You are so talented and INSPIRING! loves! xoxox

SmilynStef said...

Very fun pictures ... thanks for stopping by my corner of blogland ... I wish I would have had more time to get to know everyone ... lots of cool ladies.

zanne said...

Hi Cameron,

Great job on the new blog!!!!


Katie said...

Happy to have found you -- love your new blog. Sad that we just met the last night of Inspired. Hope your drive back to Virginia was quick and not so many crankies flying about as in our last class! HA!

Chiara said...

Loved Meeting you Cameron. totally love to see that you have a blog. I love blogs. I love Cracker Barrel myself

The Mondo Family said...

See woman! You should MOVE TO CHARLOTTE! Its a good thing --does a body good! =) In addition to CB and WH, we have BW3's AND Quaker Steak! Not to mention MY KIDS! =) See... told you to move to NC!