Friday, April 18, 2008

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

...then don't blog. :P

I have written about five drafts of a blog about my last few days, and I just didn't want my biggest post (on my new blog, yippee!) so far to be all cranky and whiny. :) Who wants to read cranky and whiny? Not even me, let me tell ya. So let's skip all that and I'll quickly sum up in case anyone out there is paying attention. :)

I took Monday off to let my introverted self recover a little bit from the excitement of Inspired. And to sleep, since I didn't do that very much while I was being very, very Inspired (which I promise I will blog about). :) Tuesday I walked almost 20 miles (in training for my Avon Walk
) and developed an owie foot. Wednesday my foot hurt so much that I couldn't walk the 10 miles I was supposed to. And that really bummed me out. Really, really.

I really love to check things off my (multiple) list(s) and keep up and stay on track... and not being able to do that, combined with a very painful foot, combined with trying to catch up from being gone for a week (laundry, groceries) and prepare for houseguests this weekend... well, it just put me in a yucky funk. Yucky, yucky, yucky. It reminded me of a StoryPeople, the one called New Friend: "I'm at that point in the day where I'm tired of myself, she said, so if you don't mind, I'm going to be someone else until bedtime & we had a lovely time together, my new friend & I." I was tired of myself for sure, and I most definitely was not creating much beauty. :(

When I woke up yesterday and my foot still hurt, I decided I needed to do something about it. So I figured out my insurance and called up my local Podiatrist and made an appointment. 'Cause this is no time to mess around, I'm doing the Avon Walk in just over two weeks! [Have I mentioned that? :)] It was sort of scary to walk into the examining room and see several Black & Decker power tools, but it did also make me laugh (and it also made me wish I had my camera in my purse!). Anyway, you don't need to know the yucky details but the nice Podiatrist lady fixed me up:

Please ignore that my toes aren't painted. :) Now that I am on the road to recovery I'm feeling much better. It was also nice to have the Podiatrist say, "Ooooooooh," 'cause it kind of validated my pain. And sometimes all it takes is a little validation, right? :P

Afterwards I went to Costco to stock up for the mini-gathering that will descend upon our home today and tomorrow. J's sister, cousin, and the cousin's wife are checking out D.C. and our new (and very messy at the moment) digs. And while there I bought myself two dozen of these babies:

Life is good, friends. Life is good indeed.

I'm off to create some porcelain beauty by cleaning the toilets. Hey, it counts! A clean bathroom is a beautiful thing. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Paulette said...

If I had had my camera Cameron I would have taken a pic of you reading Cargo & woot!!! It was awesome wasn't it! Loved your pics 7 will keep popping back... good luck on your walk!

Heather said...

Hey Cameron!
OUCH! that looks like it hurts. I hope foot is all fixed up and feeling better soon
Today is the first day after inspired that I feel normal again gees I was tired after all the creating!
Have a great weekend with your guests!

Sooz said...

awww! Sorry to hear about your foot! Hope you are feeling better...hang in there...and remember - YOU ARE BULLETPROOF!

Anonymous said...

What a whiny poor me attitude you have, I will never visit you again. Bleh-life is hard enough without people like you making a federal case of all your issues. Other people have much bigger ones, trust me!