Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Scrap Your Day" Photos and Pages, Month 1!

My first month of the Scrap Your Day challenge was a success! Here are some of my photos for the day:

Side note: I hate Flickr, I just cannot figure it out, it all seems like such a hassle. Can anyone tell me if I can make the above thumbnail collage within Flickr somehow instead of pasting all the thumbnails into a photo editor and then anally organizing them all into a grid like I did?

In brighter news, I did figure out why my photos weren't popping up into another window, and I fixed it! So if you want to see any of the photos in this post larger, just click on them! :) Yay!

Speaking of being anal, here is a brief glimpse into my mind, via the planning page I drew up before I even printed a single photo:

Yes, I do realize that Shimelle already did this. But not with my measurements. So I drew up her plan and decided how big I wanted each photo to be, and then went about finding photos to stick in each place before I even printed a single thing. It's a sickness, I know. But it did save me a lot of printer paper! I'm all about conservation. :)

Another side note, to the Group C Inspired ladies--Do you now see why Steph's class made me come unglued? I think I should sentence myself to fingerpainting and colorwashing at least once a week. :)

Now! On to the good stuff. Here is my two-page spread, yippee!

The album pages are only 6" x 12" each, so in this essentially 12x12" page I crammed 16 photos. That's a lot!

Hey, did you just count and find only 12? Me too! Let's take a closer look at that top page:

Okay, check out that cute photo of Jason and I:

What is that little strip of green doing under there?

Oh, cool flip page! One more!

Okay, sorry, that good night kiss photo is inexcusable, I know. We don't always kiss like that, but it's hard to aim a camera in the dark with your left hand and try to kiss without laughing. :) When I did my count of 16 photos before I just counted the bottom index print as one 'cause I didn't want to throw everyone off. :) But if you count each one individually it's 31 prints total. I usually don't like doing this many photos on one page, 'cause it's kind of ridiculous, right? But it's all about the challenge, and I thought, "Oh heck, why not?" So there ya go. I also like the look of this faux index print, and how it offers so many tiny little details that helped to make up one day.

Now I have to show you these cool date stamps from Close To My Heart (CTMH):

I love them and plan to use them every month for a little continuity. (Contact your local consultant or me to order.) I almost didn't circle the 25 since it will be the same throughout the year, but then at the last minute I did anyway. :)

The bottom page:

And a close-up of the journaling:

Stuff I used: CTMH acrylic stamps (Library Cards, Today's Date), blocks, and Chocolate ink; Autumn Leaves stamps (which have great designs but don't stick well!); and Sakura gel pens. I stamped right onto some of the photos and I LOVE how the CTMH ink absorbs into the Epson printer paper--I actually saved the larger white scraps just to play with later this week. I also wrote onto some of the photos with the gel pens, and outlined all the photos on the bottom page with the glitter gel pen, which looks cool enough in person to warrant a comment from Jason. :)

All in all, I had so much fun! I think next month I will throw a little more caution to the wind and not plan it all out as much 'cause it took too long. After seeing other people's photos from the day I also plan to take photos a little bit differently next month!

And now, my fellow challenge-ees... I showed you mine, now you show me yours! :)


Lynda J P said...

i'm behind in the first of the next 25th album, but u sure did give me some great ideas....especially about the 12x12 paper....can't wait to start, probably tomorrow a.m.
thnx for sharing...
lynda in calif

Cameron said...

Hey Lynda! If you have a blog and want to be linked on my sidebar, let me know! :)

Aimee said...

really, really tremendous---i love it-- love the whole photo index thing- love how the whole spread just has such a feel of beginning and end...i love the CTMH stamps and am thinking about buying them from you...

you are very talented.

Sooz said...

I second Aimee's comments! AWESOME JOB! LOVE THE INDEX PRINT! (Also find FLICKR to be exhausting tho I love looking through others' photostreams...)


And I love your ANAL ANALYSIS and planning! I never sketch anything out and that fascinates me when I see that in scrapbooking mags, etc. You are INSPIRING! xoxo

Stella said...

WOW! you are quite the planner! I posted my photos in Flickr and the link i son my blog! Go check it out! I'll be scrapping it this month before the 25th of May!

Shannon Parks said...

Ok kiddio you need this.

You can import photos from flickr or pick them from your computer. Just know that it makes a thumbnail of the center of the photo.

Now for the good stuff. What an architect you are. Everything perfectly spaced and aligned. (coo coo) I would have called it quits after the first page. I’m so, “slap it on with some glue stick, and while your at it splat it with some paint.” I love the angles you chose for taking your photos. They are really eye catching. I love that these are all going to be in a little book. Let’s see what else can I say I love… oh yeah… I LOVE the smoochie pic. Great fun! I with I could flip through it myself.

Katie said...

WOOOO! Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff! Which cracks me up since it's so the opposite of me. Planner? phoa! snort! ...and yet...look how great your stuff is! I guess I should re-evaluate my style.

I'll be participating in the "could you POSSIBLY take more photos" challenge and making my own book like you did (I might even steal your plans! UH! thievery!) and I'll participate next month. Rock on!

P.S. I'm *SO* impressed that you got an alarm clock photos will start later in the day and I'll just take a bunch of blurry-non-descript photos to represent my mornings. HA!

jen said...

OMgah, cameron. seriously, you rocked the 25th. LOVE your layout.

snowflakes said...

Love the first pages!! I just need to journal in mine then I can scan them and post!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I used the new CTMH date stamp too! Was so excited when I got it and realized I could use it on this project right away! Can't wait to show my customers, used CTMH paper too from my stash!

Carol Z

Latharia said...

AWESOME!!!! Love how your photos were transformed into your pages!!! Just wonderful. I've not yet printed mine off & am still looking for the right "album" ... but I'll be playing along all year! :D

Jilliene Designs said...

I totally love this! It is adorable. You clearly love your hubby - which is precious! I need to get cracking! hugs 2 u

Jeanne said...

Love what you did. What a great idea this is and it's cool seeing everyone's interpretation. I just put my page together today. Going with the 12x12 format.

Carrie said...

Great job!

my5bratz said...

you got a great amount of photos on there...well done