Friday, July 29, 2011

Tie-Dye Dude Gets It

99 cent onesie

I stood, awkwardly, waiting for the Salvation Army cashier to wrap up the dishes I was buying. The guy behind me in line had only one item.

"I'm sorry you have to wait for me, I'd've let you go ahead of me if you'd been here before she started ringing me up."

"It's okay, I'm not in a hurry."

He was thin and scruffy, wearing a tie-dyed shirt and a crazy, unkempt beard. I could imagine him riding his bicycle around town all day and selling interesting weird things at street fairs.

Holding up the shorts he was going to buy he said, "I finally found a pair that fits me! It's hard to find ones that fit, they're all different."

"Oh, women's clothing is even harder, I have 4 different sizes in my closet that all fit. Well, they did before, anyway," with a little laugh and a gesture to show that "before" meant "before I was pregnant."

I stood, swaying slowly side to side, one hand on my belly, waiting for my purchases so I could go about my day, already thinking about where I needed to go next.

"Is the baby bothering you?"

Snapping back, "Hmm?"

"The baby, is it bothering you?" He looks down to my stomach and I realize he means because I've been rubbing my belly.

"Oh, no. [pause] I just like..." and I trail off, unsure of what to say, taking my bags from the cashier now.

"Falling in love?"

Thank you, Tie-Dye Dude. Yes, precisely.


k said...

Love this.

Kate said...

I've been crying all day and now even more so! Beautiful!!

Tammy_Skipper said...

Dear Lord in Heaven girl, I am crying! That is beautiful. What a blessing. I pray that I can be that for others and fall so short.

Desiree Fawn said...

Oh gosh, I have full-body goosebumps after reading this. Swoon! <3

Elly said...

Oh, that's so precious :)

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Aimee said...

publish this.

Mel said...