Tuesday, July 26, 2011

28 Weeks--Part 2, Cravings

Some other bloggers do weekly updates on their pregnancy--stats, symptoms, cravings, baby purchases, etc. Since this is the first time I'm doing this "pregnancy status report," I'm including past information as well (so it's long and I'm breaking it up into several posts). I realize this is boring information for most people, especially if you've been pregnant so this is all old hat to you or you have no interest in having a baby, but I want to document and remember these things--and what's a blog for if not that? I hope to continue to do these at least every other week--I wish I'd started right away, at the time I felt like I'd always remember every detail but of course I'm already forgetting. Better late than never. :) Part 1 can be found here.

What are you craving?
I'm finally having a bit of a break from cravings! Most recently it's been fruit, which I'm still eating but not with the same ferocity that I was for a while there--a Costco-sized box of raspberries a day, half a small watermelon at a time, blueberries, blackberries, whatever. :) That's a great craving to have compared to some of them I've had the past 28 weeks.

I mentioned that I didn't really have morning sickness during the first trimester; what I had instead was all-day-hunger. I ate and ate and ate, and when I finished eating I was already thinking about what to have next. For a while I was gaining weight so rapidly that I worried I'd gain 100 pounds during this pregnancy, but I was just HUNGRY all.the.time. And only wanted to eat carbs!

One day, this was breakfast. Don't judge. Jonathan told me that putting bacon on my mashed potatoes made them more breakfasty. It certainly made them more delicious.

One night at about 14-15 weeks Lori mentioned corn-dogs on Facebook, and wouldn't you know that at 8 pm on a Sunday night I found myself driving to not one but two convenience stores (that's where I used to buy them as a kid) and finally ended up in the frozen foods section of the grocery store. I hadn't had a corn-dog in so long that I didn't even know you could buy them in the grocery store! Of course they only come in a box of 16; thanks a lot for mentioning corn-dogs, Lori! ;)

I can't believe I don't have a picture of the corn-dogs. It must've been the shame of buying and eating corn-dogs that prevented me from taking a photo of them. This photo, however, shows what happens when a pregnant lady goes to the store for Caesar salad. See it there in the back right?

Very early on (8-12 weeks) I had a few cravings that hit me hard but then passed once I gave in: deep fried dill pickles, which I had to Google to find locally and Jason kindly accompanied me clear across town for dinner to have; a cheeseburger with only and exactly bacon, avocado, and mayo on it; quiche, even though eggs sounded disgusting; waffles topped with berry compote and whipped cream, which I tried to avoid because Jason was gone and I didn't want to go to IHOP by myself, but it was all I could think about for three days so I finally gave in and made it at home.

For a few weeks very early I couldn't get enough chocolate milk. After that came a grape juice phase. I had a week of root beer float cravings, too. Then I had a serious Slurpee jones; it had been probably a dozen years since I'd had a Slurpee in normal, not-vacationing-in-Florida-visiting-Lori life, but for a while I couldn't get enough. I finally gave in and bought a Magic Bullet to make healthier versions at home, and now--naturally--the weather's cooled down a bit and I'm not craving them anymore. But I expect that will change when things heat up again. **It has heated back up and I'm not craving Slurpees. I've used the Magic Bullet only twice.**

The weirdest thing for me is that I now have a huge sweet tooth. Before, if given the option of almost any dessert or a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy I'd choose the salty carbs every time; the thought of eating a lot of icing on a piece of cake made me sick to my stomach. Now? I love and crave sweets. Megan said the same thing happened to her, and she went back to normal after she delivered her sweet Benton. So we'll see!

It's somewhat ironic that I'm ending this post this morning with three photos of sweets because I have my glucose tolerance test today so I'm avoiding sweets. Which naturally makes me want to have doughnuts and sweet tea for breakfast (neither of which I even have in the house, although I suppose I could make sweet tea. But I won't).

I'll post the final part of this tomorrow--with more baby bump photos! Assuming I take them today. *cough*


keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

this post just made me hungry. but all of my cravings with emma and lucy went away the minute i delivered, so you're good. ;) although, i can still pound down some Sonic mozzarella sticks [ate them daily with emma] ... i mean, besides the fact that i can't eat cheese, lol.

Julie said...

1) your bump pics in the previous post are ADORABLE.
2) I hate you for this post, because now I want to eat things.

SO GLAD all is going well!!

Tammy_Skipper said...

OY! Now I want to drive to Tacoma for a Krispy Kreme, washed down with a slurpee. I love that you didn't even know where to buy corn dogs...we have done things like that when we think of food we had in childhood.

Ingrid Parmeter said...

I'm afraid to tell you what I craved with Francis----that was the only kid I had cravings with----because I don't want to force you to go find it. Suffice it to say it was awesome to eat it and I haven't wanted it since! (I too am "highly suggestible" when speaking of food.)

Lori Hudson said...

Something I miss about pregnancy... That last trimester, everything tastes SO GOOD. It can be as mundane as a french fry and it tastes like something from a 5 star chef. It goes away after the baby is born and I was sad to see it go. Only once or twice since have a had a meal (at a five star restaurant!) that even compares to it.