Monday, July 25, 2011

28 Weeks--Part 1

Some other bloggers do weekly updates on their pregnancy--stats, symptoms, cravings, baby purchases, etc. Since this is the first time I'm doing this "pregnancy status report," I'm including past information as well (so it's long and I'm breaking it up into several posts). I realize this is boring information for most people, especially if you've been pregnant so this is all old hat to you or you have no interest in having a baby, but I want to document and remember these things--and what's a blog for if not that? I hope to continue to do these at least every other week--I wish I'd started right away, at the time I felt like I'd always remember every detail but of course I'm already forgetting. Better late than never. :) Also, I almost went around the house taking photos of relevant items like Tums and my body pillow just to have some photos in this post, but then I remembered I have 8 zillion things to do and you all know what Tums look like. So, long on words and short on photos, sorry!

How Far along? 28 weeks! That's 70% of the way! THIRD TRIMESTER, BABY!! :)

Size of the baby? The average size listed in books & etc is about 15 inches from head to heel, and 2 and a quarter pounds.

Any new symptoms? The very first "symptom" I had was a major shift in sleeping patterns. Normally I'm a total night owl and love to sleep in, but suddenly I was falling asleep on the couch at 8 pm and waking up--I mean, WIDE AWAKE--at 4 am. Even if we had something planned and I managed to keep myself awake until 10 pm, I'd still wake up at 3:30 or 4 am. This has varied a bit since then, and I'm not waking up that early, but 6 am is still pretty normal for me these days, even on days when we've stayed up the night before and I don't have anything I need to get up for. And when I'm tired it's not just like I'm tired, it's like I'm a mama grizzly bear that's been hit with a tranquilizer dart--I practically can't even talk coherently, and it's all I can do to get upstairs, take out my contacts, brush my teeth, and change my clothes before falling into bed. Now I try to go to bed way before I get that tired, but early on when I wasn't used to it yet Jason had to help me up to bed a few times.

I didn't really ever suffer morning sickness, I just had a very touchy stomach and I only wanted to eat carbs (and carbs and more carbs and more more more carbs). I almost never eat cereal for breakfast but I went through five boxes in the first few months, not to mention potatoes, popcorn, crackers, etc, etc, etc. I only threw up a couple of times and both were right after I'd taken my prenatal vitamin. I discovered that I can take it at night even on an empty stomach and it doesn't bother me, but taking it in the morning was a recipe for disaster. I also have a very strong gag reflex now, and made myself throw up once by brushing my tongue exactly like I always have. Fun!

For a few weeks I felt like a superhero whose superpower was smelling; I could smell flowers from across the room, and when Jason worked on his motorcycle in the garage I could smell oil and gasoline in the entire house. I wouldn't let Jason cook eggs because I could smell them all day. Pre-pregnancy I ate eggs for breakfast almost every morning, but as soon as I got pregnant (and I knew almost immediately) they became, well... let's just say unappetizing. For a while, just thinking about them or seeing them on TV made me sick to my stomach. I've eaten them a few times since, but for the most part I avoid them, and I don't even have any in the house.

I was pretty much exhausted for the first four months or so, and took naps almost every day for a while. On the days I didn't take a nap I had to at least have an hour of rest in the afternoon where I wasn't doing anything--no internet, no reading, no TV even. I found what I call the "in-between," when I'd lay down to take a nap and just lay there, feeling awake and thinking about things but happy to be laying down with my eyes closed... and then I'd wake up in a big puddle of drool, so obviously I'd actually been sleeping... I think? My energy came (is coming?) back slowly--some women say they wake up one day and feel like their old selves again, full of energy, but that didn't happen with me. Some days I'm still tired, not like I didn't get enough sleep but just like my body's telling me to rest. I listen, and I still take a nap about once a week.

"Baby brain" struck early. I remember I was making two little matching mini-scrapbooks, one for Jason and one for me, and I was trying to decide which colors to use that best represent each of us. I chose turquoise for mine (which I love and use for all my Create Beauty Daily packaging), but couldn't decide at all for Jason's. I thought about it for a couple days--red for his Ducati? blue for his eyes and because the color looks so good on him?--until I finally just asked him. He looked at me with a "Seriously?" expression, and it suddenly hit me--duh, ORANGE. He's a third-generation Oregon State (Beavers) alum and when I do laundry I often have an entire load of oranges. His closet is filled with orange. He avoids forest green--especially when it's with yellow--because those are the colors of the rival University of Oregon (Ducks). Orange is so obviously the color choice for Jason that this was the first and is the perfect example to me of just how powerful baby brain can be. Now I write everything down because I know I'll never remember it like I used to be able to. I'm an excellent speller but I'll have a complete mental block about how to spell something or, worse, just totally misspell words while I'm typing without even noticing it until hours later (so please forgive the inevitable typos here). And I have occasional pure-baby-brain moments. I used to be smart, I swear.

My skin has changed, too. Early on I got small breakouts on my upper back/neck/shoulders (but nowhere else--weird). A lot of my moles are puffy now, or even puffier than they were before... I've had them looked at and it's fine, just a normal reaction due to hormonal changes. I've developed little pink & red spider-veins all up & down my arms & hands and a few on my chest, one or two on my face. I'm not sure if it's because I'm older and care less, or because Jason tells me I'm beautiful at least once a day, or just because I'm so thrilled to be pregnant, but they don't bother me at all, even the ones on my face. Even if they don't go away after delivery. Oh well. On the bright side, my skin is a lot less oily than it usually is!

I don't want to go into detail here, but let's just say that there are a lot of normal changes that might happen to a woman's breasts and nipples when she gets pregnant and YEP, I have those. Jason's joke is that he can shape his hand like he's palming a basketball and it will fit on my body in a great many places these days. Curves, I have 'em (and he loves 'em).

I've had a few issues with my feet & ankles swelling (edema), but I have it fairly under control. I try to put my feet up whenever I'm sitting down; I wear socks and tennis shoes or Converse instead of flip-flops when I'm out and about (thanks to Chiara for the tip); I drink an obscene amount of water; I wear compression socks at night if I have any swelling at all that day (thanks to my neighbor Maren for giving me the socks, formerly part of her son's Pilgrim costume for a school performance, ha!).

I'm so thankful for my neti pot because I have what about 30% of pregnant women suffer; "rhinitis of pregnancy." Basically it means that I feel stuffed-up all the time, even though I can't blow my nose because there's nothing much in there, just swollen mucous membranes. No big deal, just kind of annoying sometimes to be such a mouth-breather, ha ha, and it means I snore sometimes at night.

Of course I knew that pregnant women have to pee a lot, but it surprised me to discover that this happens (or can happen) early as a result of hormonal changes (plus I was drinking a lot more water). From very early on I was awake at least once in the middle of the night, which was very, very unusual for me--I almost never had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night before. I still remember waking up and walking to the bathroom in the dark, with my hand on my (mostly-flat) belly and a huge smile on my face. I never minded getting out of bed in the middle of the night because that meant that things were going well, I was still pregnant, Hello, baby in my belly, I love you, please please stay. I honestly loved and treasured every single early symptom... just thinking and writing about those first middle-of-the-night bathroom trips is bringing tears to my eyes. I'm so grateful. Now I'm waking up between one and four times a night to go to the bathroom. And I still don't mind.

For about the first 5 months I felt even more emotionally and hormonally balanced than I usually do. I'm still pretty calm and rational most of the time, but it catches up to me every once in a while now for the past couple weeks. Did you know that when pregnant, a woman creates about the same amount of estrogen that she normally produces in an entire month during her normal cycle... every. single. DAY!?! I mean, think of the last time that you had a PMS-y day or two... and then figure that you have more hormones than that rushing through your bloodstream every day when you're pregnant. It's kind of mind-boggling, actually. So I suppose it's only normal that every once in a while that catches up to me and I cry for nearly no reason or suddenly feel that everything is URGENT OMG! When it's happening I know that it's happening, I know that it's hormonal, I know that it's not rational, and yet this knowledge makes not one tiny bit of difference in the way that I'm feeling. I'm beginning to learn that I need to not talk on the phone, or e-mail, or basically communicate with anyone other than Jason or my best friend from high school, Lisa; they're the only ones I can talk to without hearing judgement seeping through their words. And feeling judged only makes it ten times worse. [Judgement and unsolicited bossy "advice" are a hot topic for me lately, but that's a whole different post.] For the most part, though, and 97% of the time, I feel great and wonderful and oh-so-happy (and I'm learning to deal better with the other 3%). **I started writing part of this series of posts a few weeks ago and things have already changed again, I feel more like I did the first 5 months and the hormonal craziness has almost completely dropped off. Knocking on wood.**

The most recent weird "symptom" was when I drank a ton of water one day a few weeks ago (okay, I drink a ton of water every day, but I drank an asinine amount that day) and my belly button was sticking out more than usual. When I pushed on it it made weird gurgling, bubbling sounds like there was air trapped in my belly button and I'd squish it out when I pressed on it. Jason could hear it, too. Crazy.

Oh, and heartburn? Yes. I carry peppermint Tums with me at all times and have three bottles spread throughout the house.

I've been going through my old tweets to remind myself of when things happened and I'm glad I have these "notes" to jog my memory. A couple things I forgot to mention: I had some crazy, crazy dreams, especially early on. I had a few nights where I woke up with total night-sweats, I had to completely change clothes and the sheets were so wet that Jason woke up and thought I'd wet the bed! Apparently I had a lot of headaches in months 2-4, I tweeted about it several times. I also had really, really bad allergies for a while (which I don't usually have) and I do remember that quite well.

This post is all about symptoms, so if it sounds like I'm complaining then let me state for the record: I love being pregnant. I loooooove it. I hope I get to do it again, but in case I don't I'm trying to savor every moment, every kick, every moment of exhaustion that reminds me I'm growing a baby. I can already tell I'm going to miss being pregnant (but then I will have a new squishy baby to love on, squeeee!). Jason told me last night, out of the blue as I was walking into the kitchen, "We need to get you pregnant again, you look so good pregnant." If that doesn't make a pregnant woman want to have four more babies I don't know what will.

Come back tomorrow for a post about cravings and more! With photos! :) Oh, and if you got this far, I love you. xoxo


Katie @ said...

ooooh this is getting so exciting. well maybe except the headaches. yucko.

Cortney said...

thank you sooo much for letting me feel the chica bebe (and talk to, and squel at, and sing to, and hug on, and ...)!!!

And I agree with Jason, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen!! Like a round fertility goddess!!

I love you and soooo enjoy your posts and pictures!!

AND- I bought another outfit for bebe Yates this weekend!! I just can't stop myself!!


keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

wheeee!! it's so much fun reading your posts. i felt the same. exact. way. when i was pregnant with emma. just so darn happy ALL THE TIME!! i loved it.

Emily said...

You said that those of us that have been pregnant may find your story "old hat" but I think you'll find there is a certain bond that mothers have, we (at least I) love to hear the stories of other moms. So exciting and it reminds me of when my babies came to be. <3 thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

I'm so happy for you! I love that you're taking such a positive outlook on all the things women usually complain about. Can't wait to see pictures of bebe Yates!

Kate said...

Yay! I love your positive attitude. Some people HATE being pregnant and I love when women embrace it, even the not-so-pleasant stuff. It's all a reminder that our bodies are working and that a precious life is on the other end.

You and I have a lot of the same symptoms, by the way. Especially the tongue brushing one. I miss brushing my tongue. :)

Erin said...

Not only did I read it all, but I actually clicked over from my reader to comment. ;)

I am so glad you are enjoying your pregnancy! I loved being pregnant so much both times... it's such a miraculous journey. I know that sounds so cheesy, but it truly is.

Carrie said...

It's great to record all this stuff. I'm currently turning my blog (pre-pregnancy IF stuff, pregnancy, birth, and A's first year) into a book for A on These are great memories that bebe will be interested in some day when she's pregnant!

Laura said...

loved reading this. especially loved seeing and hearing about your fantastic lady lumps. ;)

but i wanted to comment about your hormonal issues, even though you said you're pretty much done with the swings. there were two times during my pregnancy where i FLIPPED. OUT on ryan over the silliest of things. one was rice. he bought the wrong kind. i yelled for 15 mins straight and stayed mad for an hour. i literally could not help myself or stop. that was one of the WORST parts of pregnancy (actually, i still have it sometimes...) – to lose control over your mind. so weird.

anyway, SO SO SO glad you love being pregnant. it's such a crazy thing. you are growing a little person in there.

so crazy.

Ryley @ That's My Family! said...

You sound JUST like me! I could never get over how amazing it was, and how great I felt, meanwhile all my friends were complaining.
I just didnt get it! :)
I hope your labor goes the same way.. I remember I told the doctor RIGHT after he laid Miles on my chest, "that was it? That was the whole thing? Why does everyone complain so much, that was nothing."
He looks at me, holds his finger up and says, "Dont you EVER say that to a room full of women." then laughed!
But really.. everything was miraclous and wonderful..
I hope this trend continues all the way through labor!
You got this mama! :)

Ingrid said...

This is so precious to have such a catalogue of moments----you are capturing so many things that I experienced too (but sort of forgot). I definitely remember waking up to pee a lot at night, one hand protectively across my belly and being happy feeling like I had a moment alone with my baby. Now I get to sneak in and look at them!
My only thought is that yes, I loved being pregnant MOST of the time, but definitely felt that the moment where I did not love being pregnant anymore was an important shift for me to get ready for having the kid. I loved being pregnant with Zephyr and Francis, but with Francis I never really moved on to wanting to be done with it. I was told to push and said, "Do I have to?". With Inez I was SOOOOOOO DONE (at about 7 months), mostly because I was older and had done it a couple times already so it wasn't as easy on my body. I had aches and pains and more pains every day as the pregnancy went on, so I was ready to face labor just to get it freaking over with. I hope that you feel awesome up to the end, but if you don't, that's okay! I think it is part of the process.
I will never forget the first night at home after having Inez---sleeping on my belly and feeling so, so happy to not be pregnant anymore. It makes me laugh at the pure bliss I felt being able to lie on my stomach.

Wisconsin Girl said...

Fun post and so great to hear how well you are doing and all the changes that your body is going through to grow that beautiful baby! It is miraculous in every way! I'm sure you've heard it already, but if not, those bathroom trips prepare you for how often you'll be up when the baby arrives. They help you get used to it...not that you actually will mind getting up to hold that amazing baby girl, but I found there was truth to that. Have you noticed any changes in your hair? Usually it gets thicker during pregnancy and then a few months after delivery you start losing a lot of hair...scary but purely hormonal too. Cameron, I'm so happy for you and Jason and it's so exciting seeing how amazing you look! Thanks again for sharing your journey with us!

Michelle said...

You do look beautiful pregnant! Glad to hear that even with all the normal ailments of pregnancy you are able to savor every moment. It truly is such a special time. Wish we lived closer so we could hang out more and swap stories. Wishing you much sweetness for your pregnancy journey--you're going to love motherhood even more (especially with an adorable little girl). Congrats and love!