Saturday, February 6, 2010


The power keeps going on and off but people have been asking to see photos so I'll put up a couple here quickly while I can. These were all taken last night.

The view from our porch:

Jason started shoveling the driveway when we had about 6.5". He's down there somewhere, I think!

My turn to shovel. I love my very warm cute snow outfit and my awesome red very warm Sorel boots!

By the time we finished shoveling the driveway, the mailbox was almost buried:

And I needed to sit down for a break!

Our neighbor Brian and I made snow angels in the middle of the cul-de-sac! Here's mine:

By the time we shoveled everyone's driveways we were up to 10" of accumulation so we went back and shoveled them all again.

Then we headed back inside to the warmth...

...where we suitably rewarded ourselves for our hard work.


Random fact/thoughts in list form because I'm rather scattered right now:
  • The power went off during the night so we woke up to a cold house.
  • Trees are falling down all over the neighborhood because of the weight of the snow; I'm just hoping none of the trees land on and damage any of our houses.
  • When Jason walked to the back yard to check out our trees, the snow came up to his thighs!
  • The power came back on but it's going in and out. A couple of our neighbors have generators so we'll be fine.
  • There's a TON of snow outside but I'm not sure how much because I've been inside cooking while we had power. Jason's outside shoveling and as soon as I post this I'm going to go join him.
  • Jason had his cell phone in his pocket while he shoveled last night and it must have gotten wet because today it won't turn on. I have it in a jar of rice, which I've heard sometimes works to draw out the moisture. In the meantime, don't bother calling his cell phone. :)
  • I have my cell phone charged but I'm trying not to use it too much, and I'm keeping it on the charger whenever we have power!
  • We have awesome neighbors who are all like our family so we'll take care of each other, so don't worry about us! :)
And speaking of that, they're all shoveling so I should go join them (and take some more photos)! If we continue to have power I'll post more photos later.


Sooz said...

you go girl! I love that you SHOVEL and still look picture perfect while doing it! LOVE THE RED BOOTS!

stay safe and warm! xo

paula :: plays with mud said...

wow - I am so jealous! We got rain, more rain, and cold rain. uggh. Ya'll stay warm and have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like fun, Cameron. I admire your adventurous attitude to the experience.

-Steve in Chardon

Anonymous said...

YAY for photos!!! Wow. We are so jealous. Love your snuggly clothes. Especially the boots!!

Stay warm and enjoy the snow!


Erin said...

You look so cute! And that drink, yum. STAY WARM.

Ava's Mom said...

Looks like a lot of fun, even if it means no power... hope you are staying WARM and safe!!!

Cynthia said...

32.5 inches I have heard!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa girl. I hope your guys electricity is back on!!! What a doosey of a storm. But you do look darn cute in your red sorels!!!! Adore positive attitude my friend of course the snow angels:)