Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowmageddon Continued

I posted photos from last Friday, but it kept snowing through Saturday, and then we had another storm on Tuesday & Wednesday, so I'm finally getting around to posting the Saturday photos! What a week. What a winter!

Here's our patio set and grill on our deck. There was no wind on Saturday so the snow just piled up on top of everything, so the stool in front looks like a big white-capped mushroom!

I took this photo to show the top-heavy, snow-laden trees leaning over our deck in the back, and only noticed afterward the snow-covered wind-chimes; that really shows how little wind there was if the snow could build up like that on wind-chimes!

Our birdies may not be able to bathe but instead of a bath they now have a large, puffy, white cake. Or pillow?

We kept shoveling throughout the day and all the neighbors worked together. Here's our neighbor Steve helping Jason shovel our driveway.

We love our neighbors! Notice how high the snow is piled up to the left of Steve... it's hard to tell but at the height (just in front of the large bush in the background) it's as tall (or just taller than) his shoulders!

I went out into the front yard to check the snow level. 22" of new snow so far at this point, and 27.5" if I punched through the ice left from the previous snow and went down to the ground.

Here's our house, taken from Steve and Roxanne's house across the street.

The trees were getting so overloaded with snow that a lot of them fell. Our neighbor two houses down had one land on the house and roll off onto the deck.

And turning around 180*, here are two trees down in our next-door neighbor's yard.

I don't think the garbage man will take the garbage like this. And the mail man will soon have a hard time finding that mailbox in the back!

Jason and Steve did a good job on the driveway (even though it kept snowing and built up again by the time I took this photo).

Our poor little trees in the back were so weighed down with snow they were bent over double!

So we shook them all off and they stood up proud and thankful! :)

The power was out so I killed some time outside shoveling the little bit of snow in the driveway.

I came back inside for a bit to take care of a few things. Here's a view onto our back deck:

Jason decided to shovel out part of the deck so he could get to the grill so we could cook dinner (we have an awesome glass-top stove that is a lot less awesome when there's no power).

For dinner we made maple-chipotle glazed chicken, mixed grilled peppers, and baked sweet potatoes. Pretty darn good for having no power, huh? Jason is a grill master (and I am a planning and idea and prep master, if I do say so!). :)

Then we headed out to Brian and Marlene's driveway to meet all the neighbors.

I love this one with Jason and Brian in profile. :)

While we all sat outside around the fire, talking to (and over, lol!) one another, the porch lights suddenly came on and we all let out a huge whooping CHEER! It was so awesome! We were all so excited to have heat in the house overnight! A lot of people left at that point to head home and sort things out (and turn the heat up, lol!). I used the camera flash on the final few left; here's Brian, Jason, Steve, Howard, and my dear and fellow female holdout, Maren.

Then I went home and took a HOT shower, blow-dried (blew dry?) my hair (a choir of angels sang Hallelujah), put on comfy pajamas, plugged things in to charge, and crawled happily into bed. Ahhhhh.


Sara Joy said...

I love this! Well, I don't love the part where the trees fall down, but the SNOW! I can't help it, I'm still a fan, I just think it's fun. :) But, well, that happened about once a week when I was growing up, hee.

Ingrid Parmeter said...

This is great. What an adventure in your own backyard!
This reminds me of Portland last year, although it was significantly less fun with a wedding to put on. When nothing is going on anyway, I love to be snowed in.

Teri Baxter - Senior Executive Manager said...

WOW! Is the neighborhood plowed, yet? I know I talked to Carolyn & it took them a while to plow over in Braemar! I can't even tell the boys how much snow VA is getting - they are already sad to know it doesn't snow here in Vegas!

Cynthia said...

What a wonderful documentation Cameron. Now that is a heck of a lot snow even coming from a Minnesotan. You all our troopers and what a fabulous neighborhood you live in!!!!!!!!! I adore the photos of the fire:)

Wisconsin Girl said...

Great pics! Nice to see that you are having a little fun with all of that snow, despite how much work and inconvenience it has caused:) Looks like you have a great neighborhood!

jenwcom said...

As we wait it out in North Georgia for a single snowflake, I keep coming back to your blog for some snow fun! I can't show Brett though. He's so disappointed. :)

Your pictures capture the day perfectly. And I am more than super impressed with your dinner. Dang! We would've been eating peanut butter sandwiches. :)

Have fun and know that we wish we were there!

Lori Hudson said...

I'm sure I don't understand the full horror of it all because I think it looks kind of fun. Especially if you don't have whining kids complaining they are bored without TV. I would say come to sunny Florida - only it ain't.