Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today's prompt word in the GOventures challenge was INVISIBLE.

A lot of things came to mind, but the biggest thing was the INVISIBLE fears that we all hold deep in our hearts. I thought about how to make them invisible while still making art about them--tricky, tricky! That's why this is such a great prompt. :)

First, I took a Sharpie and a small, 6x6" canvas and wrote down all my secret fears. Here I've blurred it out, 'cause they're secrets, duh.

Then I squirted on some paint and I painted right over it. When I envisioned this project I thought, "Oh, how symbolic, painting over my fears," but I have to say that it actually felt pretty cathartic, as cheesy as it sounds!

I turned on my Silhouette cutting machine (I soooo love this thing!) and used it to cut out a font I had on my computer. I cut it out of vinyl so that it acted as a sticker and stuck to the canvas (once the paint was dry, of course).

Then I used a Ranger Dabber to paint in the word. I carefully peeled off the mask while the paint was still wet and then let it dry.

So here we have it. My secret fears, hidden behind the mask of hope that I (at least try to) project to the world. An unexpected thing happened while I was making this, which I love; after I wrote down my fears and painted it, the canvas got turned around and I wasn't sure which way it had been facing when I wrote on it. So I just had to forge ahead, not knowing which end was up when it came to my fears, only using HOPE as my guide. :)


Cynthia said...

wonderful Cameron. What awesome project:) I love how you let those fears out on the canvas and covered them with Hope. very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

cameron, that was amazing! i love that you say alot of the things that i feel, i have tried journaling before but felt stuck on the page so i stopped...thank you for giving my feelings a voice!

Sooz said...

love love love every little thing about this! you go, Cameron. BE BRAVE AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS, HAVE HOPE!

Cheryl said...

This is AWESOME! Hope you're staying warm in the Snowpacolypse. :)

Monica H said...

I absolutely love this. We could all use a little more hope.