Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday--Oktoberfest!

Three years ago this weekend Jason and I traveled to Munich with our friends Joe and Nikki for Oktoberfest. I wrote about it last year but since I grew up going to Oktoberfest every year, it's sort of programmed in my brain to think about it as soon as October starts looming on the horizon, so here we are again!

Last year was long on writing and short on photos, this year it's the opposite!

Here's the view from the balcony in one of the main "Big Tents" of Oktoberfest, the Lowenbrau Tent.

As you can see, it's not at all tent-like, except for the canvas roof above the slatted arches. It holds 5700 people inside, and 2800 more in tables outside. If you're not quite overwhelmed by the drunken masses here, there are 13 more big "tents" and 18 "small" tents for you to peruse!

Here's me making friends with a cool German guy:

I don't know how he's able to stand all those layers, two of them thick wool! I was roasting in my long-sleeved shirt!

Here's Nikki, posing with another cool German guy. This shot was a set-up because we were determined to get a photo of the "penis charms" (as we so delicately coined them) that we saw on a few German men.

Notice that she's pointing right at his, um, penis charms. [Side note: I tried Googling to find the name of this belt thing, but couldn't come up with search terms that didn't lead me to sites that, well, I didn't want to click on! If anyone knows the actual name I'd appreciate learning it!]

The women working the beer tents are AH. MAZE. ING. When you look at this next photo, please keep in mind that most women who were drinking from these 1 liter steins had to use two hands just to keep our teeth in our skulls--they are heavy and could easily knock loose a few teeth if you're not careful!

And this lady was carrying 13 of them at once! Gotta keep those thousands of beer-guzzlers happy! I wonder how they train in the off-season? Lifting cows? Shot-putting cars?

Pure awesomeness:

I thought about trying to get their attention to get a better photo, but who knows what kind of mess I'd be drawn into if they knew they had my attention and a camera on them?! :)

Finally, here's a fun photo:

Mmmmmmm, salty carbs, my favorite!!

We had such a great time! Thanks for coming along with me in this little trip down memory lane.

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

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Lori Hudson said...

Ask Anke what those penis charms are. She might know - because she knows so much about penis' that is.

paula :: plays with mud said...

so jealous. hubby and i are hoping to make it there for oktoberfest one day ...

cynthia said...

this part German blooded Fräulein is missing the home country with these lovely memories Cameron you shared. How cool!!!!!!!! Oh I know if I was sitting there hanging with you, I would be downing that Lowenbrau and pretzels like it is know bodies business:) That picture with the pretzel is too cute:)

Sooz said...

oh i love this post...the pretzel shot is the best : )

Katie said...

October is coming up -- hope you enjoy this year's festivities....whereever you celebrate them!

I love how happy you are in every shot.