Friday, September 4, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday--Two Peas in a Pod

When we lived in Italy I went to church on base. The pastor for my church service was (and is!) married to an awesome woman named Stacy. We are two peas in a pod!

In May of 2006 Pastor Jack and Stacy hosted a murder mystery dinner. It was so fun! Here is Stacy and me:

Yes, my hair was really that color. Stacy and I have that connection, that "you are home" feeling when we're with one another that makes you both feel so lucky to be friends with one another.

In June of 2006, Stacy and Jack and their kids moved away from Italy. While it was happening I focused on helping however I could and packing last-minute boxes and driving them around when one needed to be one place and another needed to be somewhere else. We have some pretty funny memories and jokes from that time; if ever everything in life goes crazy at once, it's when you're trying to move across an ocean! And when I dropped them at the airport and hugged them, trying not to cry my eyes out, Stacy handed me a CD and told me to listen to track number two. And somehow I walked away, back to my car, where I sat and listened to the song I'd never heard, and I cried and cried as I waited and watched the plane fly away over our mountains, taking my friend away.

I know it sounds ridiculously dramatic, but when Stacy left, I felt a part of myself fracture away from the rest of me. If you've ever had a friend like this then you know what I mean, and if you haven't, then I hope that you do someday soon.

AND THEN! Oh, goodness Lordy gracious oh my, Jack got orders to one of the many bases here in our general D.C. area!!! Stacy now lives about 90 minutes from me!! As lovely and wonderful as that is, if we don't both work hard to arrange our schedules, we might as well be six hours apart.

This past Wednesday the stars aligned and we met for lunch. Instantly, I was home. I was so, so happy to see my friend and simultaneously, due to the drastic contrast to my normalcy, so, so sad that I don't have this connection more regularly. I need it. I need my girlfriends, whether I have to drive 90 minutes or fly 900 miles; I need to make it happen.

Make it happen, this weekend, my friends! :)


Katie said...

How luckyou you are to have such a person in your life AND to be reuinted with her across the ocean!

Katie said...

apparently I'm having a horrible time typing....

cynthia said...

whoa I am way up too early on a sat. morning:) Oh never think your too dramatic for sharing those amazing moments and friendships in life:) what a wonderful story about stacy and you. Thank you and have a wonderful labor day weekend:)

Wisconsin Girl said...

Amazing when you find a connection like that and how it makes you feel. So glad you are closer and can spend time together, even if you have to work to find that time. Enjoy! I'm happy for you:)

Introvert said...

That is so wonderful - I don't know which is more miraculous, to have found a friend who is that special or to have been reunited and live pretty close together now! I hope you two will get together a LOT more often, because it would be a shame not to.