Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today I...

Today I...

... woke up at 7:50 after having gone to sleep at 10 last night. HOORAY for catching up on sleep (the night before last I was awake from 1:30 to 5:30 a.m.)!!

... made my new Cinnamon Hazelnut decaf espresso, which I only bought because my local grocery store stopped carrying my beloved Illy decaf. The new stuff is pretty good.

... brushed my teeth with my new Sonicare toothbrush--so clean-feeling!

... realized that I will have to clean my bathroom mirrors and countertops a lot more often now.

... breathed a huge sigh of relief when Jilliene extended the deadline for an art journal swap I'm signed up for! The deadline snuck up on me and now I don't have to miss any sleep to get it done on time.

... got a very generous donation to my Avon Walk from my friend Andrea, who did the walk with me last year but is far too busy this year. Thanks so much, Andrea and Scott!

... am trying to cut myself some slack. (But not too much because I still need to get stuff done!)

... wished for a magical house-cleaning and -organizing fairy to come over and whip my house into shape.

... reminded myself that if people are really my friends they will not care a lot that my house is a disaster right now.

... sort of almost believed it.

... exchanged multiple e-mails with Jason about the DVR and dinner plans.

... ate a truly decadent lunch.

... stood very, very still at the kitchen sink when a male cardinal perched on the birdfeeder outside the window.

... sent out e-mail thank-yous to the people who've donated to my Avon Walk so far.

... got an e-mail telling me my lowercase metal stamp set is in stock, hooray!

... folded laundry while watching the second half of the DVR'ed Oprah.

... gasped out loud when I found out how much money Dooce makes in advertising on her blog ($40K. Per month. HOLY CRAP.).

... added $100 worth of beads to an online shopping cart and then closed the browser window before I could hit "Buy."

... watched the DVR'ed Academy of Country Music award show while making yet more polymer clay charms for my final charm swap.

... had to YouTube Carrie Underwood's acceptance speech since my DVR cut it off.

... burned part of my thumbnail lighting a tealight candle and didn't notice until a few minutes later when I went back to making charms.

... finished making the clay part of my charms while listening to Dr. Phil.

... had to wash my hands for about five minutes to get the red clay dye off of them.

... avoided looking in the mirror as I got into the shower so as to not dwell on my current horribly negative body image (and made yet another unrealistic promise to myself that I would start working out every day).

... drove to a not-very-local scrapbook store to take a little class about how to use the Silhouette that I got a killer deal on last November and didn't pick up until tonight. It's super cool and I can't wait to use it! It can cut any TrueType fonts, sketch things with colored pens, cut adhesive vinyl... oh, I have so many ideas already!

... stopped by A.C.Moore to buy more lobster clasps for my charms.

... drove home, unloaded the car, sighed deeply and turned on the hot water when I saw the kitchen sink was full, and happily turned the water back off when Jason said, "Oh, uhm, I'll take care of that!"

... happily took the glass of wine Jason offered me after he finished loading the dishwasher.

... watched Without a Trace while I attached the jump-rings and clasps to my charms.

... actually, I watched Without a Trace while I waited for Jason to go to bed. Then he did and I watched The Mentalist while I finished the charms.

... actually, I finished the charms while I listened to the news, because I wanted to pay attention when I watched The Mentalist.

... realized that I should only type things that I've already done instead of things I'm about to do, since sometimes it changes. :)

... got a few things ready to ship out, which is a lot more complicated than it seems or than it should be, since we are now living in The Days of a Dying Desktop (computer).

... still can't find the Scotch tape I just bought.

... found a pack of Dentyne gum hidden in a bag full of padded mailing envelopes I bought over a month ago.

... finally watched The Mentalist, even though it meant I won't get enough sleep before I have to wake up tomorrow.

... posted this blog, which I've been typing throughout the day, right before going to bed!


Cynthia said...

Oh I like this day post. Lovely Cameron. wow you fit a lot in one day:) And don't be so hard on yourself beautiful friend. I know how that goes.....

Katie said...

Isn't it nice when you fit a lot in in a day? I'm sending you good workout vibes -- please send some back my way! :) And you shouldn't have a bad body image -- you ARE beautiful! But let's work out for our health, eh? Do you know that in less than a month I'll be seeing you?! xo

Wisconsin Girl said...

Fun post! After the magical house-cleaning/organizing fairy is done at your house can you send her here! I never seem to be able to get my house as neat and organized as the image I have in my head. What's up with that.
Sounds like you had a very productive day. Makes me wonder what my post would look like if I did that? I bet it would be something like "told Sam not to touch that...chased Sam away from the sink...told Sam not to touch that...then told Sam not to touch that either." hehe! He's a very busy boy these days!