Monday, April 20, 2009

22 Miles of Tweets

The 22 miles yesterday was a LOT better than the 20 miles last week. I am worried about my hip problem since there is no jogging allowed during the Avon Walk. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that another visit to the chiropractor will fix me up. Rather than type out a huge long message like last week, here are all my recent tweets that have to do with my walk yesterday. [If you don't know about Twitter... oh, wait. Oprah signed up for Twitter so now everyone knows about it, right? Well, if not, learn about it here.]

Am not looking forward to walking 22 miles today. It is hard to get motivated to get ready.
9:55 AM Apr 19th from web

Heading out to walk 22 miles. May the force be with me.
12:36 PM Apr 19th from web

Mile 3.7. I just bought some Starburst and M&Ms to reward myself with throughout the walk. Very excited!
1:47 PM Apr 19th from txt

Mile 5.5 means I'm 1/4th done! My left hip is bothering me, I'm trying not to worry about it. Time for some M&Ms!
2:19 PM Apr 19th from txt

Just past 8.3 and stopping to stretch. My hip is really bothering me now. Jogged for a while 'cause it doesn't hurt then.
3:00 PM Apr 19th from txt

I might be the first person ever to JOG when the pain of WALKING gets to be too much, instead of the other way around. Almost to 11 miles!
3:36 PM Apr 19th from txt

13 miles! My hip is killing me and I'm jogging about half the time. Changed my socks. Listening to Mary J. Blige, aw yeah!
4:04 PM Apr 19th from txt

Mile 14. Stopped at 7-11. Wanted a slurpee. Got a gatorade and a banana instead.
4:31 PM Apr 19th from txt

16 miles down, 6 to go. Feeling good considering but could use a cheerleader... Please DM me or send an encouraging text to 571 225 4326 Thx
5:13 PM Apr 19th from txt

If I think too much about the reason I'm doing the Avon Walk and walking all these miles, I start to cry.
5:36 PM Apr 19th from txt

Back from 22 miles! Shoes off--no blisters!!,--beer poured, Chinese food ordered. Sooo happy to be done! Jason walked last 3.5 miles w/ me!
7:18 PM Apr 19th from web

I had Jason run to meet me and then walk back with me the last 3.5 miles of my 22 miles today. It wore him out so much he's already in bed!
about 23 hours ago from web

Just finished watching The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Headed off to bed... after walking 22 miles today I'll sleep WELL tonight! :)
about 21 hours ago from web

Hobbling around today. I'm sore after my 22 miles yesterday! Can't figure out how to stream Netflix through the TV. Cranky.
about 10 hours ago from web

I should be walking 10 miles right now, but feel like taking a nap instead.
about 8 hours ago from web

I took a nap, and it was a great, great thing.
about 4 hours ago from web


Paulette said...

Cameron, when is your walk? I have been consumed by "stuff" and just surfacing... I loved your post on Yahoo...but I did notice to didn't mention Katie or I on your list (LOL!!!!) have a great day!

Traci McGee said...

Hi Cameron! My name is Traci McGee. I am a friend of Kate Sasser. She mentioned your upcoming walk on her blog. I just wanted to say good luck. I think what you are doing is wonderful and inspiring. Your posts are great!I'll be cheering you on!