Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #44--Tulips

Jason worked some magic on our desktop computer and swapped out hard drives (or something), but I still don't have any photo editing software. He's working on it, but I fear that my Photoshop CS2 might be gone for good (sob!). Anyway, while he was messing with the computer he put up new background photos, and this is one of them.

I'd forgotten about it but I really like it. I took it back in April of 2005 at the Keukenhof in the Netherlands. My aunt and uncle were traveling in and around Amsterdam and my high school friend Tenley lived in Rotterdam, so I flew up for a two-visits-in-one trip and had a great time. My visit just happened to coincide with peak blooming season at the Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world. It was pretty great.

This is a busy busy busy busy weekend. I have two different activities in downtown D.C. tonight. Tomorrow I'm driving (90 minutes each way, UGH) to take a six-hour class with my new friend Michelle, which is being taught by Claudine. Sunday I'm walking 22 miles. Monday I'm walking 10 miles. And somewhere in there I need to get some sleep, make six necklaces, go grocery shopping, and do about a hundred other things.

Have a great weekend!


jenwcom said...

beautiful photo! just beautiful.

that seriously sucks about photoshop. i'd be so bummed! did he get it working? sending healing thoughts your way.

i hope you're having a fabulous time in claudine's class. you have to post what the class was all about!! sounds exciting - 6 hours? whoa.

love you!

Katie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about photoshop. If you have the info from when you ordered it, I'm sure Adobe would help you out.

Hope you had a great class yesterday! Love your tulip photo -- so colorful -- would love to see more pics from that trip to the flower garden. Getting ready to plant they can all freeze at night. heh.

Can't wait to see you in a few short weeks! xo

Wisconsin Girl said...

I hope you are kicking some serious butt on your walk right now and that your walk isn't kickin you! Just think, you are doing something for a great cause and doing something that is very healthy for you too.
Good luck with all you have to do this weekend!

Ava's Mom said...

Love the colors in the photo. Great job on the are motivating me to get my butt in gear. :-)