Thursday, January 1, 2009

One Little {Powerful} Word

So. 2009, here you are! Welcome, welcome, I am so happy to meet you! We're going to do big things together, you and I, big things indeed.

One of my favorite stories about me when I was little involves my mom attempting to give some of my books to my younger sister (you know, the ones I had mostly outgrown, totally reasonable). And the story goes that I looked earnestly at my mother, with a look of horror and disbelief, and said, "But Mom! My books are my life!" Can you imagine? So it shouldn't have been any surprise when many years later I went to college and majored in--duh--English Literature.

My Dad has apparently begun a "de-cluttering" of my parents' house, and when Dad does something, boy oh boy does he do it. Dad is not a half-way sort of person. It's all or nothing, baby, all or nothing. So he started pulling boxes down from the top of the garage, and found boxes of all of those same old books; the books that were, so very long ago and so very, very dramatically, "my life."

God bless my Mom. I got a few of my very favorite childhood books from her a few years ago and I thought that was it (and I was--and still am!--very happy to have those); I had no idea she'd saved all of them. So when my Dad wanted to get rid of them one way or another and quick, Mom told him to just hold his horses until I came home. The boxes were waiting for me on the dining table at my parents' house this past week, and I am not at all ashamed to tell you that I just started to cry when I looked through all my old beloved books. I just couldn't believe they were all there, all these years later, and the memories came flooding back as I looked at each cover and flipped through the pages. Needless to say, Mom's shipping me all the books. I can't wait. :)

The point of this story is: I really, really, really like words.

I could go on and on about why I love words and tell stories about the effects words can have, but it all comes down to the power I believe that words have. The power a single word can have. So when I heard about Ali Edwards' "One Little Word" project in April of last year, I knew I was in. (For more details go here and then follow all the links.) But I'm ridiculously kind of anal, and I wanted to start with a new word for a new year, so I didn't choose one last year. And then I just kind of forgot all about it until my WASSIMA girls (a few of us who went to Inspired last year and formed our own little online artist "tribe") started talking about it again.

So for the past few days I've been weighing words. Testing them out. Trying them on for size, and seeing which ones felt the best on. I had the idea in my head, in words unformed, of what I want 2009 to be all about. And I knew my word had to be a verb; it had to imply action. But I couldn't quite find the right fit for one single little word to encapsulate it all.

And then I did.

Cultivate. One little word, oh so many possibilities.

Imagine, for a moment, someone cultivating something--a garden, an ability to play a musical instrument, a friendship. Do you get an image of someone rushing here and there and multi-tasking? I don't; I sense deliberate movement, with care being put into each step. Acting with intention. It does not imply (unattainable) perfection; it implies (completely obtainable) improvement.

In 2009:

I will continue to cultivate my relationship with Jason, taking time for us and communicating.

I will work on uploading more of my work to etsy and advertising it, cultivating my business.

I will spend more time creating because I know that some of the best ideas come when I just dive into it without knowing what I'm going to do; this will cultivate both my spirit and my artistry.

I will cultivate a healthy body by choosing to spend more time at the gym exercising moving and using my body in healthy ways. [I even signed up for the Avon Walk again!]

I will choose foods that will cultivate and nourish that body.

Sometimes I will indulge myself, if I feel it will cultivate a spirit of well-being; everything in moderation and with deliberation.

I will cultivate my relationships with the people I love by making the time to call and send real mail, even if it's just a short postcard saying I'm thinking of them.

I will say "no" if I am overwhelmed, to cultivate peace in our lives.

I will cultivate our house into the home we both want by focusing on one room / wall / corner / square foot / task / chore at a time, and not becoming overwhelmed by the whole house and a zillion options. One thing at a time. Just like cultivating a garden; one day plant the tomatoes, another the squash. One day do the watering, another day the weeding. Moving deliberately. Acting with intention.

To celebrate, I'm offering a special deal on a special necklace!

The "One Word" necklace is your word stamped on a 1" sterling silver washer. I really dig symbolism so I chose this shape to represent the open mind and open heart needed to truly embrace change. Let the good flow in and the bad flow out.

Your necklace can be finished in brushed matte (like this one shown) or hammered shiny (see here for a good comparison). Update: hammering gives me a headache. For this special price your necklace will be brushed matte. If you absolutely must have it hammered, e-mail me and we can work something out.

The best part? Because you read my blog and therefore I love you, I'm giving you the discounted price of just $30--including shipping. Shoot me an e-mail at createbeautydaily(at) (or convo me on etsy) and I'll set up a special listing just for you.
Please note: these will be listed on etsy for regular price--if you want this special blog-readers price you must let me know and I'll set up a special listing for you! [Also note: if you're shopping around on etsy please pay close attention to the details when buying silver. Nickle silver and silver-plate are not the same as sterling silver... there's a reason some things are a bargain! :)]

Whether you order a necklace or not, leave me a comment to let me know if you've chosen One Word for 2009 and what it is! :)

Welcome again, 2009. We're going to be great together, you and I, I can just feel it.


Chiara said...

okay Cam you rock my world I am ordering a necklace I was going to ask you about it but you are rocking my world yet again. thanks

Aimee said...

yep, i want a word with my word on it----

absolutely- let me know how i order it and all that jazz

Skip's Girl said...

I love it! I have to say that while I haven't given this a lot of thought, I believe my word this year will be, to figure out when I'm going to update my own blog with this!

Anna Willett said...

great word!!

deb said...

I saw you on Etsy (you hearted my shop). :) I loove your necklaces! I haven't chosen a word yet.. but mine will be focused on my little ones. Happy 2009 to you!

Jilliene Designs said...

I love your word. It is so powerful and the sub context of "intention" has incredible focus and strength. Bravo on your choice. I wish I had the $ to support you and purchase one of you gorgeous necklaces. They are really beautiful! when things turn around I'll be ordering one for sure.

ingrid said...

I think my word would be "blessing", but I need to think more about it to see if that is what I can commit to. I need something to cling to when stuff doesn't seem so great.... something that slaps me around a bit and reminds me that I have a lot of blessings, and can do a lot of blessing.
I love "cultivate". It is a fantastic verb and makes me think of all the verdant growy things that I adore.

Anonymous said...

Haven't picked out my word yet, Cameron (like you, I love too many words and would end up having a damn 20" wheel around my neck in place of a cute little washer to fit everything in! LOL!)I'll let you know soon and would love to get a necklace and support my girl in her business! Say hey to Jason for me!

Paulette said...

Happy New Year Cameron! I'll be posting about my word a little later but for now, you'd asked about anyone posting about the Christmas swap...see my last post (you might have to scroll down through all the family stuff first LOL!!!) can't wait for May :o) cheers my blog is

Rene said...

My word for 2009 is "Accomplish" As a scientist and an artist my list of things to accomplish is ever-growing. I have huge exams this year that will determine whether or not I become a PhD and is only one of the reasons I chose this word.

I blogged about my word on New Years Eve. I'd love for you to visit.

Jess said...

Great word choice and very fitting for where you are at in your life right now. I like setting goals for the new year and have been forming them in my head for the past couple weeks, but now need to get them down on paper. Choosing a word to motivate me for 2009 is a good idea. I'll have to think about it a bit! Great post!

paula :: plays with mud said...

I love that word!! It's funny, because I never follow through on my resolutions, I decided to adopt a word this year too. I'll have to go read Ali's entry. My word is "Realize."

mclady said...

HI, Cam. Wow such a powerful word, and I'd never thought of it used so many ways. Old borying, cultivate a garden. I'd love the necklace, but must be honest, I think I will make it into a charm for my Inspired charm bracelet. I will get a lot more wear out of it. You should think of that as a way to make sales for those of us who would like to show our creativity in that form.

Also, email me I have a business proposal for you and of course I need it no later than the 7th.


amy said...

cam i haven't come up with my word yet but when i do i would like a necklace.....actually i also would like to order a different one too...for my sister who just had a baby with his name on it. i will look on your etsy site regarding that.

morningDove said...

oh i loved the story of your past in books. how beautiful and thoughtful of your mom to save them. i love words and mine for 2009 is "healing". i'll be visiting inspired in may for the first time and anxiously awaiting the date.

Katie said...

Wow, I'll have to read all these lovely comments later -- only have a minute and I want to just tell you how much I LOVE your little English head. I love that your mum saved all your books (my books are my life too, though the wonderful words in them didn't seem to do anything for my own speaking/writing ability.) So so great. And I'm so happy she's shipping them all to you. I can't wait to peruse your library in May. If I were to be honest with myself, my word would probably always be "huh?" but maybe I can really work my simple little brain and come up with something more inspiring. If a certain person with a tremendously wonderful speaking background would like to help my feeble little brain, I wouldn't turn it away...

Much love to you in the Happy New Year! Can't wait to hear what wonderful things come for you in 2009!!! xo xo xo

bella said...

your words...they touched me deep in my soul if you had heard my whispers. you have written a lot of what and how i feel. and how seriously ironic that our chosen words are the same? thanks for inspiring me!!!

Michelle said...

I love your word! Cultivate is a beautiful choice and by putting it out into the universe, I am sure it will lead you to happiness in 2009. I am still working on my choice...I always feel I need 2 words, not just one, especially this year, when I feel conflicted in so many ways with so many new (and wonderful!) transitions taking place in my life. Anyway, wonderful post!

P.S. I owe you a little package, but I have been in holiday "sloth" mode and have been out of my routine. Hope to get you a little something soon!

Beryl said...

What a fantastic word! I love it!!Very inspiratinal!! So very cool about yor Mother saving the books - I have several boxes of mine from childhood in storage just waiting for my son to delve in to. Saw you post on my blog and I can not tell you how honored (!!) to have my name placed on your my "journey" has been recent, your offer is rather overwhelming! Thank you so much for thinking of me. Let me know more about the walk and I'll post you on my blog too.
Love the necklaces too - must go check out your shop.

Michelle said...

I finally chose my word! Check it out here on my blog:

Hope you're having a great day!

Rhonna Farrer said...

Just want to say thanks so much for visiting! Best wishes for the new year!

MaryElla said...

I just love the thought you put into picking your word! My Word is Create, and Yes I want a neckless Just e-mail and tell me what to do! And you pick out the Finiish that you think will look best with my word!! You Rock!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.