Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Weekend Time-Wasters

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to all of us here in America! Of course the very best thing about today, a hundred thousand times better than a three day weekend, is that TODAY is the very last day that Bushy will have "President" in front of his name without "Former" in front of that. Hooray! I really don't mean to get all political on here but I just can't tell you how happy I am about that.

So, you have seen this, yes? My friends Andrea and Scott Obamicon'd their dalmation, Dodger, and it is just the cutest thing. Here is me, not nearly as cute as Dodger, but fun nonetheless.

After I did this one I came downstairs to the big computer with the fancy photo editing software and digitally cut out the background of my photo so you can see the blue and red halves behind me.

It's really fun because you can zoom in and out and move your photo around and play with the amounts of each color shown. You can see the difference in these two even though they came from the same photo (except for the cut-out background in the second shot). Head on over to Obamicon Me to make one yourself (and to see all the cute ones other people have done--I think my favorite is of Kermit and underneath it says, "Frogress")!

If you still have more time to waste, then head on over to this great blog. It's all about the love, man.

I've not submitted my own "I love you more than..." because I keep reading through everyone else's and finding so many that are so good. Some are hilarious, some are heartbreaking, some are just plain weird. I chose this set to put here in the blog 'cause I could have written Sharpie markers or inside jokes; both are major loves. Some other favorites from the blog, because they made me laugh or told me a story in one tiny little heart-shaped package (notes from me are in [brackets]):

I love you more than...
  • ... sunshine; you're my silver lining.
  • ... Edward Cullen... I swear!
  • ... going to "real" college.
  • ... my heater in 17 degree weather.
  • ... your boyfriend does.
  • ... I did when I saw the look on your face when our son was born.
  • ... Joey loves meatballs. [Gotta love a Friends reference!]
  • ... the smell of a fresh pack of Crayola crayons.
  • ... scratching that itch.
  • ... my other wives. [Hopefully ex-wives!]
  • ... she can ever possibly love you.
  • ... eating chicken flavored ramen noodles when I'm sick.
  • ... you love me.
  • ... Venice.
  • ... I'm allowed to show.
  • ... a triple word score.
  • ... spending two hours in Target.
  • ... rosy cheeks on a cold winter day.
  • ... me.
  • ... Tums when I'm pregnant.
  • ... you love beer.
  • ... Pomeranians with evil tendencies.
  • ... Stewie hates Lois.
  • ... screaming out the correct answers in Jeopardy.
  • ... I want to move to France.
  • ... Post-it notes.
  • ... Australian accents.
  • ... weird baby names.
  • ... Frodo loves the Ring.
  • ... sleeping in while you get ready for work.
  • ... finding $5 in my pocket... but not more than finding a $20.
  • ... Amy Winehouse loves Jack Daniels.
  • ... you hate mushrooms.
  • ... hearing my niece giggle.
  • ... any man ever has, and you will never know. [ :( ]
  • ... any tv show I watch (and I watch a lot of them).
  • ... getting my own way.
  • ... dark chocolate... with roasted pecans... okay, maybe not with the pecans.
  • ... is probably healthy.
  • ... the miles that separate us. [Been there, done that!]
  • ... your life insurance policy. [Oh my!]
  • ... final-second-sniping on eBay.
  • ... I love bacon, and I really love bacon. [Me, too!!]
  • ... Madonna loved the eighties.
  • ... waking up at 7 a.m. on a Monday and realizing it's Sunday.
  • ... finding love notes in my lunch bag at work.
  • ... I want to.
  • ... an empty kitchen sink.
  • ... getting lost in a bookstore.
  • ... having an intern.
  • ... I thought I could have.
  • ... making lists.
  • ... solving those crazy thinking puzzles.
  • ... that adorable look you give me when I hiccup.
  • ... monkey poo. [What?]
  • ... your sister. [Hmmmm.....]
  • ... that satisfying bzzzzzzzsshhh sound from a Slinky.
  • ... shows about serial killers. [Ha ha, I could've written this one.]
  • ... all the things I could have done if I hadn't married you.
  • ... checking items off my To Do list.
  • ... enjoying an ice cold beer after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day.
  • ... the amazing days and nights we had in Ireland.
  • ... popping bubble wrap.
  • ... really good second-day hair.
  • ... barely catching the last bus of the night.
  • ... cheese. And that is a lot. [Could've written this one, too!]
  • ... he ever could have.
  • ... I did 20 years ago.
  • ... paper cuts, but they hurt the same.
  • ... our moms love American Idol.
  • ... 500 thread count sheets.
  • ... boobies.
  • ... your husband.
  • ... daydreaming about our babies.
  • ... Aaron Rogers sucks, which is monumental.
  • ... Irish ghosts love stealing potatoes.
  • ... finally being able to sneeze.
  • ... my husband.
  • ... high daily view stats on flickr.
  • ... my laminated list.
  • ... your girlfriend loves you.
  • ... having the warm spot in bed.
  • ... a membership to the Cheese of the Month club.
  • ... Japan in April.
  • ... the sound of the gavel dropping in Law & Order.
  • ... my complete Shakespeare anthology.
  • ... waking up at night and getting to fall asleep again.
  • ... saying "That's what she said."
  • ... Twitter (Yeah, I said it).
  • ... I thought I loved the drummer.
  • ... getting revenge on elementary school kids.
  • ... limited edition Pop Tarts.
  • ... your putrid physical training stink.
  • ... fitting into my pre-baby jeans.
  • ... typefaces, point size, line length, leading and kerning.
  • ... flying first class on an international flight.
  • ... I could love myself.
  • ... all the states that are between us.
  • ... I did when you were mine.
  • ... double overtime.
  • ... finding a bathroom when I really have to pee. [Oh, man, that's BIG! Good one!]
  • ... that guy you call your boyfriend.
  • ... that song from Mamma Mia I keep playing over and over again.
  • ... you love me, especially now that I know you're gay.
  • ... my car seat warmer on cold mornings.
  • ... underfloor heating.
  • ... all those prostitutes. [Doesn't this make you wonder if a guy loves a girl more than he loved all the prostitues, or if a girl loves a guy enough to forgive him all those prostitutes?]
  • ... a short skirt on a windy day.
  • ... my broke-ass boyfriend.
  • ... having the bed all to myself.
  • ... a 250 note streak on Guitar Hero.
  • ... warm, ripe peaches.
  • ... Les (whoever he is).
  • ... you might think, all things considered.
I did not intend to list that many things but I got started and just couldn't stop. :) Plus, I thought of a few of my own while compiling this list. So Jason, I love you more than sliding across our newly-polished hardwood floor in wool socks; more than "birthday sandwiches"; more than all of my childhood books; more than your huge faith in and support of my dreams; more than Lindt dark chocolate with chili pepper (the kind in the red foil that they don't sell in America); more than Nunzia's lasagna; more than I love that I'm a great speller; more than all of our travels; more than fuzzy new socks; more than I hated our horrible year apart; more than thinking I can figure something out and then actually figuring it out; more than the feeling of saying something in Italian and having the other person not only understand but compliment me on my pronunciation; more than finishing a Samurai Sudoku in the Washington Post; more than etsy sales to people I don't know; more than waking up two hours earlier than you on a day off so I can blog about silly things without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else (because most of those other things would wake you up); more than "Mary mashed 'em"; more than a DVR full of my favorite shows when I'm sick; more than I love knowing about aperture; more than singing a random song lyric and you singing the next line (or vice versa); more than I loved the phone call from the Dean of the University giving me $10K more a year, enabling me to go to the school I wanted; more than Inspired; more than moving beyond past injuries; and more than you telling me the other night, "I am so in love with you."


Stella said...

how funny, i've been playing with that obamicon maker for about an hour. I finally tore myself away from it to read some blogs and cracked up that you just posted about it!

Tena said...

I dig your obamicon... I saved the link so I could play later today!! tena

Cynthia said...

Oh my I am loving your obamicon!!!!!!!! You rule:) too awesome. Cameron for Prez!!! in 2016!!!

Katie said...

I hope some of those were said just for a laugh because I think some of them should be a given. I don't need my husband to tell me he loves me more than monkey poo -- it's a given...I HOPE!

Hope you're having an awesome day! xo

Katie said...

P.S. I can't believe that you didn't have an "If Iiiiiiii were President...." post for the day/day after inauguration...

Wendy H said...

Nice post! Have a great day.