Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #33--Happy Birthday Lily!

Happy Weekend! What a friggin' week. Super glad it is FRIDAY today and that means things are changing around here. Our patterns are different on the weekends and this week I am for sure in need of something different. A fresh start. A big ol' push to the RESET button. That's what this weekend is all about!

Another thing I wish I could push the reset button for--actually, not reset, just PAUSE--is this pretty little angel. My niece and God-daughter Lily Claire was born last year on February 2nd, so Monday is her FIRST BIRTHDAY!

I was lucky enough to be able to fly to the West Coast for two weeks to help out right after my sister had her. Mainly I helped with Lily's big sister, Emma Grace, who was 2.5 at the time and is enough to keep four adults occupied at all times. But I got one good long night with Lily, too, when she needed to be held (and her parents very definitely needed sleep). Here she is after a bath. Isn't that yawn just too precious?

I didn't get to see them at Christmas because the damn snow and ice made travel impossible. So bummed about that. I absolutely hate the whole video chat thing--Jason and I didn't even do it while he was in South Korea--but these two little girls just might make me turn. They are too far away and growing up far too quickly for their aunty's taste.

So Happy Birthday, Lily Claire! Aunty Cameron loves you even though she lives far away and hasn't sent your present yet. Luckily toddlers have no sense of time and distance. :)


This week I got some GREAT news about a friend who had a health scare (HOORAY!), some worrisome news, some sad news, some crazy news. Please, no one call me with any more news. No gnus is good gnus with Gary Gnu. I was "trapped" in the house for a couple days while it was snowing and I was a big 'fraidy cat about driving. I laughed for five minutes straight when Jason called me from work to tell me he was "fixin' to come home." I had my hair done... it's always just as lovely to catch up with my friend Cindy (who happens to be my colorist and stylist) as it is to have fresh new hair. Jason finished painting the dining room. I finished a ton of new Valentine's Day designs and I can't wait to photo and upload them to etsy next week. We played some Wii; I am a Sun Salutation Yoga Master (on my first try!). I also rocked the tightrope. I worked myself into a tither 1.5 times (or maybe 15 times) throughout the week and also assured myself a very busy weekend. DOH!

Happy Weekend, everyone. Stay warm!


Chiara said...

I think I want a Wii and can't wait to see your Valentine's Day products.

jen said...

seriousy? you rocked the tightrope? you suck. ;p

this picture is adorable! i love the peacefulness of newborns.

i need to see a picture of your hair. AND i need an update on your fabric pages. :P

thank you for helping us figure out how to save maddie's art. DUH!

jen said...

i just read the comment to the left. OMG.

jen said...

oops! i meant QUOTE to the left.

Paulette said...

Do you ever stop????Do you not Love the Wii fit?!? Happy day!

Wisconsin Girl said...

You have to tell me more about the Wii!!! Hearing you talk about it makes me want to get it even more. So glad you are enjoying it. Great pic of your beautiful niece. So sweet! My friend loved her necklace BTW:)

Katie said...

Beautiful little girl -- they do grow up quickly! It's CRAZY! Glad you're enjoying the Wii fit -- I want one so badly. Hopefully soon. I'm psyched to see your new Valentine's day designs and would love to see before and after photos of all that you're doing around the house -- I want to see your painted dining room. Did you say that you did it yellow?