Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zoom Zoom Zoom...

I have a friend, Chuck, who hates those old "Zoom-zoom" commercials. That little kid saying "Zoom-zoom" in a kind of whisper used to just set him right on edge. We could all freak poor Chuck the heck out by whispering, "Zoom-zoom" anywhere within his hearing. Anyone even remember which car company those were for? Oh, my trusty Google has revealed it was Mazda, and poor Chuck was not the only Anti-Zoom-Zoom. Those comments are pretty hilarious!

ANYway. Yes. Zoom-zoom-zoom indeed.

I am sort of almost getting a handle on all the custom orders. Today (for part of the day) I sat in my pajamas and hammered 13 rings for my Circle of Love necklaces while watching my DVR'ed episodes of CSI Miami and that pretty much rocked. Relaxation (pajamas) + accomplishing something (hammering rings) + relaxation (watching CSI Miami) + accomplishing something (clearing out the DVR) = super happy Cameron.

I also discovered how many people have named things "Circle of Love" on etsy and it made me want to change the name of my necklaces.

I've been thinking of random things and wanting to blog but we've been in-and-out (mostly out) of internet for the past day+. The super-smart Jason has almost figured it out and so we have internet on two or three (out of four, including John's laptop) computers. And I am super happy about that. 28 hours without internet meant I had 60 something unread messages when I logged back in (not even counting the spam). I am much better at the check-and-delete-often method when it comes to keeping up on the internet; any backlog freaks me out.

ANYway. Here are some random things/thoughts/feelings/emotions/whatever. After reading all my old random Myspace blogs that documented our transition from Italy to America and military to civilian I was really glad I wrote about those random things--the things that made me happy, annoyed, etc, on a daily basis. So here we go again. :)

After dropping my packages at the post office today I swung by Starbucks, thinking I could use their Wi-Fi to catch up on a few things. I am a dummy because I never had a laptop before and didn't know that you have to have an AT&T or T-Mobile membership or pre-paid pass to get to it. Of course I didn't discover that until after I'd already ordered a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (SCHC) and settled into a comfy chair in the corner. The SCHC was okay as far as hot chocolate goes but not nearly as good as I'd thought it would be, and the $4+ I spent on it made me really glad I make my own espresso (cappuccinos, lattes, etc) at home. And you can, too--just buy one of these. (I also learned that Panera, Chick-Fil-A, and McDonald's all have free Wi-Fi. Take that, Starbucks!)

Katie called the other day and I wasn't here but she talked to Jason. They had an ice storm and are out of power and water and a tree had fallen across their long driveway, trapping them. Obviously I want to buy her a chainsaw for Christmas. Helloooooo, Katie? My friends must not be trapped. Give me a heart attack, why don't you? This is Mama Bear you're talking to!

Jen finally signed up for Inspired and I am SO FLIPPIN' BLOODY STINKIN' EXCITED I can barely stand it. I was ready to fly down to Georgia to drag her there myself. Thank you, Brett, Hater of Asparagus, for Jen's multi-occasion present! As if I could adore her any more, she went and posted this. I have no idea why but talk about making my DAY! :)

I adore Trader Joe's and their spectacular selection of super-cheap but super-good wine (not to mention their make-it-quickly foods that don't have high-fructose corn syrup). For real. They have Italian wine practically at prices we actually paid in Italy for them. It is amazing. All of their food is amazing! Yummy and healthy and amazing.

I delivered eight pearl necklaces to bride-to-be Sarah on Monday... she loved them so I'm thrilled! (Especially because I spent many hours on Friday and Saturday driving around to every bead store in a 50-mile radius to buy enough pearls!) She actually chose to have an all-pearl version rather than the Swarovski crystals shown here, but you get the basic idea. I made them 17" with a 2" chain extender; I wore this one tonight over a turtleneck sweater. I ended up liking it so much that I just might make it a normal listing in my etsy shop.

I went to book club last night as the leader of this month's selection, having read only 12 pages of the book. LORDY. Granted, I have read the book (The World According to Garp) before, but still. This is soooooo unlike me; hence, it's a good indication of how crazy things have been lately.

I really, really hate those Whopper Virgin ads from Burger King. They're so disturbing. Leave those people alone and stop poisoning them with that junk.

If I Were President I would enact a law that everyone who drives Mini Coopers, scooters, and motorcycles would be required to park in the back half of parking spots so everyone doesn't get excited about an open spot and start to turn in only to realize there is something already there that is just very tiny and then you have to do a weird movement with your car to stop turning in and it's just very awkward. If you drive a tiny vehicle it actually makes more sense to park in the back because eventually one of those people excited to find a spot who starts pulling in will just not stop in time (probably because they will be talking on their cell phone at the time) and will smoosh your cute little car or scooter. And that would be sad. So park wisely! :)

I love Abreva, even though it costs $17 for the tiniest tube of anything you've ever seen in your life. It works miracles. I also love Burt's Bees' Medicated Lip Balm with Clove Oil. It smells yummy, too!

I've been eating a lot of ruby red grapefruits because my awesome aunt Susan always orders them for us from Texas from Red Cooper. They are super sweet and so good! I really hate how your hands get gross when peeling citrus fruits (what is that, anyway?) but these grapefruit are totally worth it.

Okay, that's way too much all for now!


cynthia said...

oh love catching up. I could read your blog for hours:) Sweet Cameron:)

Stella said...

Cam- as a MINI Cooper driver I can tell you that the OWNER'S MANUAL even talks about not pulling all the way into a parking spot just for that reason!

But how many people really read the owner's manual? ok, I do, but we know how weird I am already.

Katie said...

Hello sweet girl! Okay, so I have to comment on the mini thing too -- my friend has one and I save all the ads out of Rolling Stone Mag for him -- they even have ADS telling you not to pull all the way forward. So people just don't listen.

We're still sans power. But my mum has it, so thankfully, I don't stink quite so much anymore. :) We actually had TWO trees across our drive and loads and loads of branches. Oliver loves it when the drive is like that because it's like driving through that hanging down carpet thing at the carwash. I'll post pics. It was crazy. and Peter *IS* getting a chainsaw for Chrismtas (which I may have to try out before gifting it! WHEEEE!)

Congrats on all your fabulous jewelry stuff. I cannot wait to get mine!

Last day at work before the holidays so I'll talk to you in the new year! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! xo xo xo

Jess said...

Totally agree on the Trader Joe's wine as well as Abreva (love them both for very different reasons)! I'd never heard of the Virgin Whopper research and am thinking...why??? If you are traveling the earth to find people who don't typically eat this type of food, what is their opinion going to matter anyway. And yes, leave them to their healthy habits! Since we got back from Italy, we hardly ever eat fast food. Once it's out of your system, my tummy just feels yucky now when I do eat it.
Thanks for all of your random thoughts!