Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today I...

Today I...

... threw a load of clothes down to the hallway in front of the washer and dryer, and then walked back and forth over them about six times before actually loading them into the washer.

... got my eggs almost perfect, so that just the very center of the yolks was thick but still runny.

... felt guilty wasting two whole paper towels to cook my turkey bacon in the microwave, but still did it rather than use another pan.

... laughed out loud at a joke I made in my head, and then laughed out loud at having cracked myself up.

... really need to vacuum and mop. Really.

... packed up and shipped etsy orders.

... danced a little jig when I got the shipping notice for my lastest order of sterling silver to stamp on.

... opened up my second Advent present, hooray!

... made two eggnog lattes, yummmm.

... am thinking that just buying everyone on my list Starbucks gift cards seems like a grand idea and a huge time and stress saver. :)

... figured out by accident that my order of CDs was actually cheaper if I didn't use the promo code they'd e-mailed me, which made me not want to order them after all.

... surfed the internet to find some gift ideas for my family.

... am totally overwhelmed by my To Do list.

... realized that we are almost out of bread and I didn't buy any on my trip yesterday, which means I have to make a special trip for it today.

... didn't check any pants pockets before loading things into the washer/dryer.

... am picking little shreds of paper off all the clothes from the blues/jeans load.

... wondered what that paper had originally been and whether or not Jason would miss it.

... am finding it annoying funny annoying that there are so many great sales precisely when nobody has the money to buy anything, and then when we do again there will be no more sales.

... am still totally creeped out by the phone commercial with the talking thumb-faces.

... metaphorically smacked my forehead.

... wondered if we could change our airline tickets and just fly to Italy for Christmas.

... actually pondered with whom we could stay in Italy and had a nice little daydream.

... wished for an "un-do" button.

... swallowed my miniscule pride and crossed my fingers.

... talked to three family members in one day (super unusual for me).

... folded a lot of clothes.

... listened to Christmas music in an effort to find my elusive Christmas spirit.

... watched American Chopper with Jason.

... wrote this post throughout the day.

... am heading to bed to finish my book!


Jilliene Designs said...

I LOVE this life update. I so get you and totally relate to your thoughts/feelings/observations/jigs. You are awesome!

Jen said...

ditto, jilliene. i especially relate to the stepping over laundry and laughing at myself. we crack ourselves up. i think changing your airline tickets would be a great little *oop-sy* .... "we got on our plane and just, well, ended up in italy. hope you guys have a great christmas without us." (: jen

Katie said...

So I was scrolling through your old posts and wanted to see the comments on this one. I LEFT ONE AND IT'S NOT HERE! How disappointing. And the comments are all different on my computer than they were before. Anyway, the jist of my comment before was that I really loved this post.