Friday, December 19, 2008

Favorite {Photo} Friday! #27

Holy stinkin' heck it's Friday!

I've mentioned before (all the way back in my very first Favorite {Photo} Friday post) that I really love this hat.

And I do. I adore it. I also love this photo and how the snow is piled up on top of my hat. I love how my cheeks get rosy out in the cold--I think I am a cold weather person, I'm much cuter in the cold than sweating in heat and humidity, blech!. :)

And I've also mentioned (very recently) that I love this coat.

Tomorrow I will be packing both of them as we head off on Sunday for the snowy wonderland that is... Oregon. What the heck? Oregon is not exactly the White Christmas capital so it will be weird to arrive there into snow. But I will be loving my cold-weather gear. :)


I am making the COOLEST things lately, but they are Christmas presents so I don't want to show them yet! (Bummer!) I hope everything will be well received. And I'm taking photos so I can post them after all the gift-giving is over. :)

Last night I headed back to the super-cool knitting group I stumbled upon last week and they were just as cool this week. I mentioned that I wasn't sure if the person I was making a gift for would like it or not, one lady said, "Well, if not, bring it back here because I want it!" and another lady interrupted her to say, "You'll have to fight me for it!" Hooray! That's always a good sign, right? :) (I was not knitting, but no one seemed to mind at all.) :)

I had a hair appointment yesterday and we went with a darker red this time to help account for fading (it's a much longer story but who cares?). I love it--I also had all kinds of crazy shades of red in Italy where it's no big deal to have burgundy or fuschia hair. But someone today asked me, "Did you dye your hair darker? I really like the other shade you used to have, it really looked good on you." HA HA. Oh, Lordy. Good thing I am too tired and busy with my mile-long To Do list to worry about that right now, ha ha!

TONS to do in the next day and a half. TONS. I was originally joking when I mentioned that I might have to give my family IOU notes instead of Christmas presents but the closer we get the more realistic that's becoming! Oh, heavens. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Stay safe out there in the insanity of the last weekend before Christmas!


Katie said...

YEAH! We have power! I am so so so glad you are cold weather person because you're coming to visit NH in FEBRUARY! WAHOOO!

Crazy connections...I went darker red this week too. hate it. Need it lighter and oranger. With bright red stripes. FUN! Hope you have the best time in Oregon. We're almost off on our vacation too. Will be thinking of you loads and loads. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xo xo xo

cynthia said...

I loooove this hat and what a beautiful photo of you.

Jess said...

I can't wait to see what you are working on:) Good luck getting everything on your list done. I'm sure your family and friends will love what you are making. Safe travels to Oregon. Say "hi" to Jason from Ed and I!

Jilliene Designs said...

That hat is so adorable. I wish we got a little snow here once in a while. I thought maybe last week... but just rain. I cannot wait to see what you have made for Christmas gifts. When you post will you include tutorials??? I have to tell you, I am loving having a "creative to do" list. I have been sick enough to be stuck in bed but not quite enough to sleep so these projects are keeping me sane. Just finished one last night but I can't reveal until after Christmas.

I can't believe someone said that about your hair. I'm sure they meant well, but how rude... I'm sure you look gorgeous! Have a great time in Oregon and a very merry Christmas. I can't wait to hear how everyone liked their goodies!!!