Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blahg Blahg Blahg [Cough]

I spoke too soon. The cold has come back with a vengeance and slapped my happy ass into submission. I had to get out of bed way earlier than I'd have liked on a rainy Saturday, because I was coughing too much and wanted to let poor Jason sleep. (Have you ever heard a Harp Seal barking?) I've been thinking that it was a little bit of a cold and a lot bit of allergies but now I think things have reversed. If stuff is coming up from my lungs when I cough does that mean I should go see a doctor?

I am brewing a pot of espresso right now. This time it's actually brewing, unlike the first time I set the timer for eight minutes and walked away without, you know, turning on the burner. Oh, wait, it's done already. [shuffle, shuffle, fridge opens, milk pours, micro goes on, fridge closes, micro dings, mini-whipper hums warm milk into lovely froth, a cappuccino is born, shuffle shuffle] Okay, I'm back. Yummmmm. (And yes, Mom, I know that I shouldn't drink milk when I have a cold.) Yummmmmmm. I added a little bit of the vanilla caramel creamer that my sister-in-law bought while she was here. Mmmm. I brewed the big pot today, because 3 shots of espresso just didn't seem like enough on this rainy day. :)

Jason was on a roll last night. He was watching television while I was in the kitchen and he flipped to a show that appeared to be about airplanes. Then suddenly the host says, "I love this airplane so much that I want to steal it! What does the Bible say about lust?" and the show launches into a section about the Bible. [Never mind that this makes no sense at all.] Obviously Jason was like, "What the ... ?" So he slides into a super rednecky voice and says, "Don't be Jesusin' on me all surreptitiously like!" Maybe you had to be there, but I rolled. So funny, that man of mine. [Edited: Jason likes watching those History channel shows about the Bible, it was just funny that this one was sort of, well, tricky about it. Just FYI.]

I've been working on a few really cool projects lately, but they are surprises so I can't post photos yet. :) Don't you love when you're working on something and you keep saying to yourself, "Oh, this is good, this is so good, she's going to LOVE it!"? I do. I love that! And you know what else I love? When you're working on something and you say, "Oh, if only I had X I could blah blah blah..." and then it comes to you that you DO own X and you go down (or up or over) to your mountain of a stash and pull out just what you need. I really love it when that happens! Because it justifies me buying more for my stash. Because then I am making use of the gajillion things I already own. It's like shopping in my own house!

Enough blahging. The coffee's kicking in so I am off to go finish those projects I'm loving!

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