Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite {Photo} Friday--Books

I've mentioned before how much I love books. I also love supporting small businesses, recycling, and getting a good deal. So imagine my sheer and utter disappointment when I drove to my local used bookstore back in December and it wasn't there. Their big sign was gone and there was just no trace of them.

Seriously? I almost cried.

I'm so dependent on used bookstores (that one and online) that when I realized earlier this week that I need to buy a copy of Cry, The Beloved Country for my book club next week, I had a moment of panic. Now that my bookstore was closed, where would I get the book? There wasn't enough time to order it online! [It never even occurred to me to go to Borders or Barnes & Noble!]

So I drug myself into the shower and then threw on some clothes and slapped on some makeup, to leave the house for the first time in a week. I was planning to go to the library to check it out, which I don't like to do for book club because I can't make notes in the margins and dog-ear pages. But before I could do that I had to go to the bank, which meant that I had to drive past the shopping center where the used book store used to be.

And then I saw it. At the opposite end of the shopping center, there it was!! My used bookstore! In a bigger location!

Seriously? I almost cried again, but this time for joy!

And what's even better? I know, I could hardly believe it myself that there could be anything better, but there was: a free books bin outside the front door!

All of these beauties were in it! Essential Keats, a book of short stories set in Oregon (my beloved home state), the B and G volumes of an old World Book encyclopedia, and an old edition of the Merck Manual I can understand. But To Kill a Mockingbird and Gone With The Wind? In hardcover? In any event, I snatched them right up! I also got some other fun falling-apart stuff that I'll use in collage (that's why I got the Merck and the encyclopedias, too).

Oh, and I got Cry, The Beloved Country for $3.28, as well as an Agatha Christie novel for $.81!


I still need to do a post on my One Little Word and the necklace I'll be offering for it... I haven't forgotten, just been holed up trying to get well. :)

Have a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... this is one of the many reasons I love you.


Cynthia said...

Oh I am so happy:) I completely understand. When I lived in Tallahassee. There was this amazing used book store, which only took Harcovers and larger paperbacks. And the owner loved biographies as much as I do. Seriously this place was my home away from home. But, they never did freebies you lucky girl you!!!!!!! Happy reading my friend.

Anonymous said...

oh my, i am a fellow bibliophile. however, i spend most of my time at the library since it is unlimited free book shopping! but oh, how i love a used bookstore, so i can totally relate to this post!
thanks for all the well wishes and for reading my guest post on wishstudio! i hope you are feeling better yourself, and i know it's a quite a haul, but if you want to come over and craft in bed, i'd love the opportunity! right now i'm staring longingly at my crafting supplies and wondering if it's really that difficult to get paint out of sheets. :) xo!