Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday--Christmas Markets

On Wednesday I was stricken with the worst case of homesickness for Italy that I've had in a long, long time; maybe even the worst case ever. I have a post mostly written about that and I hope to finish it up and "publish" it this weekend. But of course it made me think about being in Europe during this time of year, and how much I miss it! I've also made a friend on Twitter (I know, what a crazy world we live in!) who's an American living in Germany... I keep telling her to go drink some Glühwein for me. :) So that's made me think about it, too.

I wrote a bit last year about Christmas Markets. I love European Christmas markets. Looooove them.

I mean, hello? How could you not?

Beautiful beautiful. Every time I get frustrated with my photography I should look back on my photos from five (or even three) years ago... oh, the things I could make my camera do to these babies now! But still, I love it.

And another one just for some color and variety. :)

Tonight I'm off to cuddle on the couch with Jason and watch a movie... he's been waiting for me so I'd better not keep him waiting any longer! Have a great weekend!

Oh! And I'll be taking Etsy orders through next Tuesday only... so if there's anything you've been meaning to order, now's the time!! :)


Melissa Hall said...

Yummm I love Glühwein!! I actually made some for Thanksgiving. It was a nice little treat. (And super easy to make!)

jenwcom said...

When we go to Europe together, can we go at Christmas?

cynthia said...

Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!! Magic!!!!!! These pictures are amazing to say the least. they oooze Christmas yumminess!!!!! What a market. I will never look at the Macy's Ornament displays again. They pale in comparison!!!! You know I love this and can't for the Italy Christmas tour:)

Introvert said...

Yesterday as I tried to Christmas shop in the usual rush here in the U.S., I tried to keep these beautiful, TIMELESS Christmas images in my mind. They are so gorgeous - thanks for sharing with us!

Sooz said...

yum yum yummity yum. so gorgeous. those GLASS BALLS??? I WANT THEM IN EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE ....I'd leave them up all year!