Friday, July 24, 2009

One Door Closes...

There've been some doors closing around here lately. You know what? That's not always a bad thing.

I recently reconnected with one of my high school friends on Facebook (and to be honest, he was kind of a peripheral friend rather than a close friend). He wrote on my profile, "Cameron has always seen the sunshine of the day. Even in a hurricane during an eclipse!" I don't necessarily think of myself as an eternal optimist, but obviously Billy must have seen that in some way during high school! (Which is hilarious, because that is when I would have guessed I was LEAST like an optimist!) And then another friend commented on my optimism, so I guess I've been thinking about it lately more than usual.

Being an optimist is a great skill when you're a military wife. Moving around all the time, finding new friends, finding a new job everywhere you move, finding new homes, rearranging your stuff to fit each new home; being flexible definitely has its advantages.

So when a door closes in your face, it's not really as bad as it could be. I tend to think of it more as a sign from God/the Universe that whatever it was wasn't supposed to happen, at least yet.

I didn't get chosen for Crafty Bastards. No biggie. I didn't expect to since I'm a newcomer and there are soooooo many applicants. A few other doors slammed shut this week, too, but I'm keeping an eye out for the many open windows I'm expecting.

And if a door (or two or three) is going to slam shut, let it be a gorgeous door like this, right? [Photo taken in Venice.] I know there are a few windows about to swing open and I will welcome them gladly. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I'm headed off to Orlando and I'll hopefully have time to let you know all about what happens while I'm there! :)


cynthia said...

Oh Cameron I relate to this more than anything right now!! And so true what you said about optimism as a skill. Keep putting putting yourself out there!!!! Your creativity is beautiful:) Please do have a wonderful time in Orlando:)
*this weekend I am working on your collage:)

Ingrid said...

Oh I hate that. I didn't get a piece accepted in a gallery show on re-use art and I had been so excited about it (and told a million people when I applied). I felt like the piece was perfect for their theme--- it was 100% reuse and probably one of my best works. But, oh the rejection. I went to the show and increased the pain by checking out what was selected. Sigh. I'm sorry.
I guess we have to love the making whether other crappy bastards want it in their shows or not.

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about Crafty Bastards! they must be fools. i too have had some doors closing (at least temporarily) for me, but am trying to think about what it makes more space for in my life. one of my yoga classes has been taken off the schedule at my studio and won't return until late fall (for now) so we'll see what happens. i love teaching that class and will miss it, but hope to use the free time to craft and work on some personal goals! hope you're having a blast at CHA and can't wait to hear all about it.

Katie said...

that's a mighty fine outlook you have. I'm sorry to hear about Crafty Bastards, but perhaps something better for YOU is about to pop up! Best wishes with your open windows! (don't forget to leave the screens in to keep out the pests. :) )

Wisconsin Girl said...

Wonderful words and great photo!

Connie Owens said...

Oh Cameron.....I so believe that when God closes a door he always opens a window. I borrowed that one from the Sound of Music and said it to my kids on many occasions as they grew up. I most remember it when my daughter wanted to attend the University of Hawaii and was accepted but as out-of-state. This was not feasible for us financially because she could go in-state in Florida with merit scholarships. We had to tell her no. She cried and cried. I remember telling her this very thing. She then attended FSU. On the first day of class she ran into two friends she was close friends with in elementary school. From that day forward they were the three musketeers and remained so throughout college. So many, many more windows were opened and she has walked through many, many more doors as a result of going to FSU to school. HE always has a plan!