Friday, July 3, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday--Just Do It

While we lived in Italy we'd see these yellow fields come into bloom every Spring. I love flowers so I'd always look at them as I drove past. I'd even imagine having my photo taken in them (like I'd seen so many of my friends have photos in fields of flowers). But each Spring passed and the flowers would die out and I'd lost my chance.

The last Spring that I knew we'd be there I took my chance. I went home and grabbed my tripod and I drove out to the field. And you know what? I felt like an idiot. People could drive past and see me out there and I really felt like a fool, setting up my shot and then running and diving into the flowers and trying to look cute. I was nervous that whoever's field it was would come and ask me in Italian just what the heck I was doing and please leave ADESSO (now).

But I did it anyway.

I took quite a few shots that day and this is the only one that I really love, but guess what? I love it. And I'm so glad that I just went out there and just did it, already. I let go of the fear of looking foolish for those 15 minutes or however long it took me. No, scratch that. I didn't let go of the fear--I just pushed through and did it anyway, despite the fear.

I need to do that more often. You should, too. :)

Have a great weekend!

p.s. The mountain behind me was also behind our house and was the view out my kitchen window. The flowers are rape, whose seeds (rapeseed) make canola oil. And I know the lighting conditions were crap on that day that I hoisted up my courage, but I think that the sunniness of the bright yellow makes up for the lack of blue sky. :)

Again, have a great weekend and a safe and happy Fourth of July! :)


summerdavid said...

When I was going through my divorce, a dear friend gave me a book called "Feel The Fear...And Do It Anyway." It's a great book. Have a happy holiday, love - hope Jason is on the mend!

Katie said...

This is a FABULOUS picture! Well worth it!

jen said...

YOU ROCK!! and this picture is AWESOME.

Wisconsin Girl said...

Love it:)!!! I'm sure it's an especially memorable photo because of what you did to get it. So glad one turned out great! I would have loved to do that in the fields of poppies that bloomed all over there. LOVED them!

Sooz said...

love this that you DID IT and you SHARE....