Friday, February 13, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #35--Happy Heart Day!

It's Friday the 13th! Which, of course, means two things: 1) today is Friday the 13th, and 2) tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Actually, it means three things, because it also means it's Favorite {Photo} Friday!

In honor of St. Valentine I wanted to post a ♥lurve♥ photo, and the first photo that came to mind is this one:

In September 2005 Jason and I took a sailboat trip around the Greek Isles. We went with two other couples--Jason's boss Ken and his wife Melanie, and Jason's coworker Bill and his wife Bonnie. The six of us and the captain of the boat--and, actually, his girlfriend, too--were on a small little sailboat for seven days. It was an awesome vacation. As you can imagine on a sailboat there was not a lot of privacy or space, which was generally not a big issue as all of us drank a lot got along well. But I'm an introvert and need some alone time so one night after we docked I grabbed my camera and headed off for a few minutes by myself.

There was part of a shredded fishing net (at least I think that's what it was) so I made a heart out of it. It lasted for about five seconds before the wind blew it into some other shape; in fact it started out more symmetric but by the time I took a photo it had already moved. I love heart shapes (and I love love) and I'm surprised I don't have more photos like this.

Thanks for all the well-wishes.... I don't want to think (let alone write!) any more about it, so I will just say--I am still sick. I am incredibly sick of being sick. I'm sick of having no energy and having new sympoms as soon as I start getting over the previous symptoms. I am ready--oh so ready!--to be WELL. To catch up on 873 things on my To Do list. To start Avon Walk training (and fundraising). To perform normal household duties and tasks. To cultivate my business. To not feel like POO. I am crossing my fingers and drinking water and taking vitamins and sleeping a lot and hoping for wellness. Tomorrow morning would be good. :)

♥Happy Valentine's Day♥ and have a great three-day weekend! :)


Katie said...

ACK! This thing just erased my comment! Phooey.

hmmm, what did I say...

I cannot believe you are still sick. I hope you are on the mend and just don't know it until, all of a sudden, you're rolling around the block again. In your fancy blue roller skates. With stripes.

Love your heart (both the one on the beach and the one in your body.) Sending you my best get well wishes. xo

jenwcom said...

i LOVE living vicariously through you. you have the greatest adventures!! a sailboat trip around the greek isles for 7 days??? who does that??? you do!!

[although i have to say i would've had to drink a LOT to be around that many people in such close quarters.] :)

i hope the big nasty poo leaves your house soon! GO AWAY BIG NASTY POO!

Cynthia said...

Oh happy Valentines Day to you and Jason. Love the story of the heart!!!!! Seriously I do hope you kick that sick!!!

Ava's Mom said...

Hope you feel better soon! Sending you get well vibes.

kellie said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope you feel better soon! I cannot wait for your visit next month!!

Rene said...

I love your posts! The story of the heart is so cool. I am a lover of hearts too! I am always eager to see when you will post another. Hope you feel better soon.

Shawn/Lifeatbuttercupfarm said...

Hi, Cameron,

I found your site through the "Inspired" forum. It is really fun to visit everyone's blog before the big weekend. I look forward to meeting you in May (I live in Maryland, so we are practically neighbors.