Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite {Photo} Friday #34--Sick, Then and Now

There were a few contenders for this week's Favorite {Photo} Friday. It was almost a beach photo--I could use a warm summery beach right about now. It was almost a sunset photo; the gorgeous oranges of a sunset in Istanbul. But then I remembered this lovely. :) I found the photo album my Aunt Susan put together for me and scanned this baby in.

When I was in kindergarten I was scheduled to have my tonsils taken out. But I got the chicken pox, so my surgery was delayed until I was well enough. So as a five year old I had back-to-back chicken pox and a tonsillectomy. Bring on the sympathy, baby!

The main things I remember about the whole situation are coming out of anesthesia and being given these sweet sneaker roller-skates almost immediately, and the nurse bringing me my tonsils in a jar because I'd insisted that I wanted them; I took one look at them and I can only imagine that the nurse stifled a laugh as she took them away again (the tonsils, not the roller skates). :) There they are in front of the fireplace (the roller skates, not the tonsils). They were awesome. I would put them on and then skate around the house to "Macho, Macho Duck" and the other great tracks on Mickey Mouse Disco. And then I'd shock the heck out of whatever I touched, including my little sister (roller skates on shag carpeting will do that). :)

The other things I remember are being able to eat a lot of sherbet (which is what's in that bowl I'm clutching) and getting tons of cards and presents. If I remember correctly, I set up this little tableau and then made my mom take a photo. I was so proud of all my cards and gifts. :)

The top I'm wearing is from a set of pajamas that my mom made me. There were bottoms, too, but they must have been dirty or something. As I look at this photo I'm struck by how many things I have in common with this little mini-me from 28 years ago.

Then, after a tonsillectomy at age 5: I sat eating sherbet, in my awesome heart pajamas that my mom handmade with care. I had on hand a puzzle book (The Silly Riddle School, on the fireplace) and a stuffed animal to comfort me. I couldn't talk, but a bunch of people who love me sent me cards and presents.

Now, with bronchitis at age 33: I sat eating chocolate ice cream, in my sweet sock-monkey pajamas that my friend Lori thoughtfully sent me. I worked on a Samurai Sudoku and comforted myself by snuggling under the quilt my Aunt Susan made for me. I couldn't talk, but one of my great friends posted a sweet blog announcing she's sending me a present. Holla!

So I'm feeling pretty loved (even if it would be nice to have my mamma here to take care of me). :)

(And I still hook my feet around chair legs just like I--apparently!--did when I was five. Crazy.)


Katie said...

What a flippin' cute little kid you were. or are? heh. I laughed at your post. I had those SAME skates. And they did rock big time! We had a rollerrink near us and that was the only place I was allowed to wear mine. Because once they went outside, you couldn't wear them at the rink any longer. But it wasn't a big deal because I didn't have a little sister to shock. Hope you're on the mend. xo

Cameron said...

Oh, no... I didn't skate on them around the outside of the house, I skated INSIDE the house! We had a loop from our kitchen to the living room to the hallway and back into the kitchen... half linoleum and half shag carpeting! Hence the enormous static charges I'd build up! :)

Ava's Mom said...

You were soooo stinkin' cute! Love the roller skates, I remember a similar pair that I loved too. Great post. Hope you are feeling better soon and back at it!

Tauni said...

I remember those skates. I got them as hand-me downs. They were great. And while I was too little at the time to remember the tonsillectomy, I do remember when you had your tympanoplasty. I was really jealous because you got this stuffed panda bear and baloons and I didn't get anything. It's tough to be 4. :P

cynthia said...

Oh Cameron!!! This is the cutest post ever!!! I remember disco duck!!! And how cute you are!!! Little cameron!!! And that bad ass shag carpet... oh don't love the things that we grew up with. You always cheer me up!! I do hope you are feeling better girl.

ingrid said...

While writing a prescription for one of those cold medicines, my doctor said, "Now buy 20 more of these and you might be able to make a couple ounces of meth." He has a funny sense of humor... that doctor of mine.
My kids are all sick too... and I am just struggling with vague sickness. Get better!

jen said...

love the picture. sorry, it's a little hard for me to type riht now.

kellie said...

So cute! At first I was looking at the pic and I thought, "Wait, her hair is blonde in this pic??" I guess I'm so used to the red now :)